About Tummy & Me

Tummy & Me is a cloud-based virtual kitchen in Kerala, operated by its parent company, Let's Repeat Global.

With a unique approach as a ghost kitchen, specialising in Burgers, Tummy & Me has grown to have more than 16 locations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The primary focus at Tummy And Me lies in food and beverage manufacturing and service activities, with a specialisation in cafeterias, fast-food restaurants, and other food preparation services at market stalls.

Problem Statement

Tummy and Me encountered difficulties in efficiently managing their call flow, particularly regarding the growing complexity and time-consuming nature of handling inbound support calls encompassing customer orders and support inquiries.

Simultaneously, there was a crucial need for a solution that would enable their delivery partners to initiate and manage calls effortlessly while on the move, an urgent requirement to streamline their operational processes.

The Solution:

In response to these challenges, Tummy and Me partnered with MyOperator to implement a comprehensive call management solution.

For inbound support calls, MyOperator provided a user-based plan tailored to Tummy and Me's needs, streamlining order management and support query resolution.

MyOperator also offered a dedicated account with an outbound dialer application with call masking feature for delivery partners, enabling them to handle customer calls seamlessly during deliveries.

MyOperator Call Management Solution

MyOperator's number masking feature was utilised for secure order deliveries, ensuring customer privacy.

Tummy and Me leveraged the solution to introduce:

  • New offers
  • Creating product awareness
  • Run promotional schemes
MyOperator Call Management Solution

Key Results

With MyOperator Call Management Solution, Tummy & Me experienced:

  • Efficient order processing from existing and new customers.
  • Easy management of both inbound support calls and outbound promotional calls leading to improved customer service and order processing.
  • Streamlined order management and marketing efforts.
  • More secure and confidential order deliveries with the number masking feature, further enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

Customer speaks

We started as a cloud based kitchen delivery only platform and partnered with MyOperator call management solution after going through the rave reviews it had received from its existing clients.
We use the solution for receiving orders from existing and new customers. Outbound calls for introducing new offers, creating awareness about our product, and for other promotional schemes. MyOperator's number masking has also been very helpful when used for delivering orders.


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