About Pearl Moto - Yamaha Dealer

Pearl Moto is an authorised dealer for Yamaha India, located in Hyderabad. They offer a wide range of Yamaha automobiles and prioritise customer support by providing direct access to feedback and complaints.

Problem Statement:

Pearl Moto wasn't satisfied with their previous communication service. They experienced a set of difficulties, including:

  • Slow onboarding.
  • No call handling process.
  • Lack of coordination among 6 branches.

The Solution:

MyOperator instantly onboarded Pearl Moto within 24 hours, offering them a comprehensive package.

To manage calls effectively MyOperator provided and implemented a:

  • Centralised number
  • Multi-level IVR system
MyOperator WhatsApp Dashboard with The Pearl Moto - Yamaha Dealer

Key Results

After implementing MyOperator's solution, Pearl Moto saw an increase in productivity while responding to client inquiries and concerns. Customers were satisfied and operations were more effective due to the centralised number and multi-level IVR that simplified interaction across all six branches. They are now able to:

  • Handle inquiries regarding branch availability, slot bookings, and Holiday Schedules.
  • Ensure Quick onboarding.
  • Handle High Volume Calls Efficiently.
  • Assure seamless customer interaction across 6 branches.

Customer Speaks:

Pearl Moto has greatly benefited from MyOperator's services. The changeover happened immediately, and the solutions provided by MyOperator have truly helped enhance our customer support experience. With a centralised number and multi-level IVR, we can now efficiently manage operations across our 6 branches.

- Mr. Siddharth Kumar Manthena, Co-owner, Pearl Moto

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