About Magicpin

Magicpin has been revolutionizing offline purchasing in India since 2015. It revives the excitement of shopping and collecting savings from neighborhood shops, which are essential to the local economy. Magicpin adds value to the hyperlocal retail ecosystem by bringing together large and small retailers, enabling them to take advantage of digital discovery.

In industries like fashion, food, electronics, grocery, pharmacy, home delivery, spa, nightlife, and entertainment, Magicpin promotes brand and retailer discovery. For retailers and brands, it increases engagement and visibility to help drive demand. It also provides an omnichannel platform to connect with the right local customers.

Problem Statement

Millions of people use Magicpin, and hundreds of vendors have registered on its platform. Most vendors prefer calling as a means of communication when they have questions about their voucher payment status, the previous five transactions, their account information, or other transaction details. Because of this, each agent used to get close to 150–200 calls every day. Prior to MyOperator's integration, all calls from their vendors used to ring a PRI number that was mapped with the numbers of their agents.

Their challenges:

  1. There was no way that the vendor could directly speak to the person-in-charge and the call had to be manually transferred from one agent to another, based on their requirement.
  2. There was a substantial wastage of time for both the agent and the caller on hold.
  3. Both the Magicpin agents and the vendors had unsatisfactory experiences.

The Solution

Magicpin worked with MyOperator to manage their vendor communication process with a comprehensive cloud telephony solution. The vendor-call handling procedure was automated with integrated IVR and API connectors. Magicpin’s IVR menu has been configured to have automatic answers to all likely questions. An automated voice provides the appropriate information as the caller selects the option. If the vendor wants to speak with their account manager in more detail, they only need to dial extension 7 to get in touch with them.

Key Results

By leveraging MyOperator’s IVR + API Integration in their vendor management process, Magicpin achieved:

  1. 2X increased efficiency in handling vendor queries
  2. 70% reduction in manual calls, boosting productivity and daily call volume

Customer speaks

Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has strengthened our vendor experience and employee convenience.

- Magicpin

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