About ITC E-Choupal

The Agri-Business Division of ITC Limited launched the E-Choupal initiative to guarantee an effective and sustainable supply chain and provide value to its clients globally. 'E-Choupal,' which was introduced in June 2000, has already grown to be the nation's largest Internet-based rural India intervention. More than 4 million farmers living in more than 35000 villages are currently served by the ITC platform.

Problem Statement

The goal of e-Choupal was to connect with farmers, many of whom live in isolated and difficult-to-reach parts of rural India. One of the crucial links that could connect the millions of customers was a seamless telecom connection. ITC had a pre-designed structure through which their executives would also connect with farmers to share information and equipment for farming.

  • ITC wanted to set up an on-call helpdesk for farmers who would call them from various regions
  • ITC wanted to monitor on-call discussions to learn more about the difficulties that the farmers faced.

The Solution

MyOperator worked with ITC to deploy the MyOperator, an integrated call management solution. The first preference of ITC Choupal was to offer their callers an easily accessible help desk. ITC was provided with MyOperator's tollfree number because these were farmers from remote areas. This 1800 number gave it a unified impression and made the helpdesk available to farmers for free, around-the-clock.
As required by ITC Choupal, the toll-free number also had access to an IVR menu. To manage calls with high call volume and no hiccups, an IVR menu was absolutely necessary. Based on the IVR menu options, the farmers were able to contact their relevant department directly thanks to the streamlined solution. The ITC cloud telephony solution also comes with call recording and reporting tools. Every call, both incoming and outgoing, is recorded on tape and saved for later review.

The Call Management solution rollout helped ITC lead the connected farmer revolution:

  1. ITC was able to reach as many farmers as possible and farmers were able to request assistance more easily thanks to the Toll Free Number.
  2. ITC’s operations managers can effectively monitor the calls in real time and provide constructive criticism thanks to the live call analytics, which updates every few minutes.
  3. The CRM shows the caller's entire history to the agents in real-time, greatly reducing the need for them to search for or re-ask for the information.
  4. Based on the IVR menu options, the farmers were able to contact their relevant department directly thanks to the streamlined solution.
  5. The workload of the staff in manually answering and transferring calls decreased.

The Outcome

  • Over 4 million farmers' lives have changed significantly as a result of ITC Choupal.
  • The call management solution aided ITC in relieving their staff of all demanding call-related tasks.

Customer speaks

ITC ABD has been using cloud telephony services of My operator from 2019 onwards. The services and support offered by them are satisfactory.

Dr Anita Sharma -ITC Agribusiness Division

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