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What is a Hong Kong virtual number?

What is a Hong Kong virtual number?

A Hong Kong virtual number is a phone number not directly associated with a telephone line or device. You can make use of the number from any device just like any phone call. Your callers or customers can contact you anytime and from any device. MyOperator Hong Kong virtual number is ideal for brands who prefer working from home, or anywhere.

Automatically route regional and international calls to your Hong Kong virtual number within the organization.

Having separate Hong Kong virtual numbers for different departments can significantly enhance business profiles.

It comes with other benefits such as call routing, voicemail facility, call forwarding and many more.

It is not tied to a specific device. Agents can be reached irrespective of where they are working from.


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Hong Kong virtual number benefits

Cost savings

Cost savings

Call charges with virtual phone systems are generally much lower than call charges with traditional carriers on local, mobile, and international calls, making it more cost-effective to maintain a reliable business phone system. If you use a virtual number for Hong Kong, you will have access to the rates you agreed, so expensive roaming charges will not apply. Because your number is hosted in the cloud, there is no need for expensive line rentals, and all system maintenance is handled by the provider, resulting in lower setup costs.

Remote working

Remote working

Recently during COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations decided to go remote and are still working remotely. Having a Hong kong virtual number makes it easy for your agents to work even remotely. Remote employees can use a virtual number to access the business phone system in the same way that they would if they were in the office. Indeed, intelligent call routing with Hong Kong virtual numbers can seamlessly integrate field staff with office teams and assign calls appropriately. You do not need to redirect a customer to a different number, instead you can easily connect their existing call to a remote agent, when available.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

A virtual phone can be set up almost anywhere you want it to work. As a result, you can set up your call centre facility in a remote location that is not close to your business. This way, you not only save money on miscellaneous charges, but also get to hire someone who is genuinely interested in working for your company. The same implies that you are on track in terms of performance as well as productivity. You can do a lot more with a Hong Kong virtual number than just call your customers. Hong Kong Virtual numbers also allow you to send voicemails and SMS.

Builds professional image

Builds professional image

In today’s business world, professionalism is everything. It’s pointless to have excellent work ethics if you’re not professional. Customers nowadays expect their service providers to be available whenever they need, and this has been the case for far too long. Apart from that, customers expect from service providers to provide excellent customer support via phone numbers that are easily accessible. As a result, the only solution in this case is a Hong Kong virtual phone number for your company. This will not only make you appear more professional, but will also provide all of the benefits mentioned so far. Along with professionalism, it will build your brand image.

Features abound

Features abound

Hong Kong virtual phone number for your business comes with a plethora of unique call management features. Some of them include the ability to add or remove numbers, customise your voicemail at any time, forward your calls to wherever you want, transfer ongoing calls to another agent without disconnecting them, and make custom changes by contacting the service provider. All of these options are available when you use a Hong Kong virtual number for your business. Unlike any other traditional calling system, which does not provide all of these features, a virtual number will enhance the overall essence of your Hong Kong business with everything it has to offer.

Never miss a call again

Never miss a call again

Agents cannot be available 24*7 at the desk to receive calls and missing customers calls means missing potential leads. The first advantage of Hong Kong virtual phone numbers is that you can route and divert your calls to wherever you want. Hong Kong virtual phone number allows you to communicate with any device, whether it is your PC, mobile device, or desk phone. With a Hong Kong virtual number for your business, you will never have to miss an important call from a client. Your agents don’t have to be present in the office just to receive that important call, they can answer calls from any corner of the world.

Features of Virtual number

Multi-level IVR

Customise your IVR and handle multiple calls simultaneously.

After hours call routing

Route calls to specific agents even after office hours and stay available 24*7.

Live call transfer

Transfer ongoing calls without disconnecting them and enhance your callers’ experience.

Voicemail facility

Let your callers leave their message in the voicemail when none of the agents are available.

Call forwarding

Forward business calls instantly to reduce the waiting time of your callers.

Click to call

Make outbound calls directly from the web panel to follow up with your missed calls.

On-hold music

Keep your callers entertained while you are forwarding or transferring their call to agents.

Call recording

Analyze your customer conversations to understand the requirements of your callers.

Call tracking

Track and monitor all your business calls to ensure you do not miss any potential leads.

Live dashboard

Monitor the number of calls connected and missed by each department in your organization.

Live call info

Get ongoing calls details for each incoming phone call directly on the web panel.

Push reports

Get detailed analytical reports of your business calls via SMS and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the Hong Kong virtual number and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

What is Hong Kong virtual phone number?
Hong Kong virtual number is a centralized cloud-based business contact number starting with a local, national or toll-free dial code. Multiple phone numbers are mapped behind the virtual number, and callers can call on the virtual number at their local rates.
You can sign up to request for a free 3-day trial of Hong Kong virtual number. On sign up, you will get access to MyOperator live dashboard. Pick your virtual business number, toll free or non-toll free. Put in all required details or call us at +91 92129 92129 and we’ll help you onboard.
Yes, we provide a free 3-day trial of the Hong Kong virtual number. To get a demo, you can sign up and request for a free 3-day trial. Once you sign up, our support team will create a demo account for you.
There are multiple virtual phone number providers in the market and MyOperator is one of the best providers of Hong Kong virtual phone numbers. Trusted by 7000+ customers, MyOperator gives you multiple add on features for call management and round the clock customer support, all included with the virtual number plan.
For further queries regarding the Hong Kong virtual phone number for your business, please call MyOperator support team at +91 92129 92129.