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Work Safe During Coronavirus: Move All Your Business Calls To Cloud

Work Safe During Coronavirus Move All Your Business Calls To Cloud
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With the spread of Coronavirus, companies worldwide are compelled to shift to remote working and allow their employees to work from home. 

In implementing working from home, one of the major challenges faced by the companies is that most of them rely on traditional call management systems (known as traditional PBX) like landlines which require installation of lots of hardware and are not portable. 

If your business operates on a traditional PBX model, then to attend calls on landlines, one has to be on the desk in the office! A lot of sales calls from a successful marketing campaign will go unanswered if your workforce starts operating from home due to an unforeseen serious situation like COVID-19. In that case, how can your business move to work from home?

Is there any way around? 

Well, there is an easy way around and that is cloud phone systems. The invention of cloud telephony has made it very easy to manage all your business calls on the cloud and empower your staff to attend business calls remotely, from any location. 

Guide To Remote Working By MyOperator

If your business presently trusts the traditional phone system, you can easily switch to the cloud phone system (known as Virtual PBX) in no time and route all your landline calls to the cloud phone system. It will enable your sales and customer support team to attend business calls on their mobile number, from the comfort of their home, or any other place. 

Therefore, the cloud phone system can help you run your business efficiently while empowering your sales and customer support team to work from home and stay away from Coronavirus.

Work Safe During Coronavirus - Move All Your Business Calls To Cloud
Work Safe During Coronavirus – Move All Your Business Calls To Cloud. [Illustration by Agnesh at MyOperator.]

Besides empowering your team to take calls anywhere, there are many more benefits that come along with the cloud phone system. It can help you deal with disasters and uncertain situations like Coronavirus as well.

Not sure how? 

No worries. Let’s discuss in detail the cloud phone system’s benefits and ways in which it can help you prudently deal with the Coronavirus epidemic:

Instant setup with zero hardware requirement

The cloud phone system is a cloud-based technology and doesn’t need setup of any hardware. Due to its cloud-based dependency, the cloud phone system can be deployed within minutes with low investment.

Bring mobility to your business with portability & scalability

Unlike traditional phone systems and landlines, calls on cloud phone systems can be attended from your mobile, tablet, PC, or any other device. You can add as many agents as your company needs behind a single number, making it a highly scalable solution. That’s why teams that use a phone-based system for sales and customer support can work remotely and don’t need to be in the office to take calls from customers or prospects.

For. e.g. if you’re in the travel industry, amidst COVID-19 suddenly there will be a surge of calls as people will contact your business for cancellations, refunds or other queries. The additional call volume can be easily handled with a cloud phone system as you can increase the agents in the backend or create a customized menu to handle queries based on their nature in real-time.

Make use of intercom facility

With the built-in intercom facility in the cloud phone system, you can easily transfer calls from one agent or department to another by dialing the desired extension. It helps improve overall customer experience by helping them get the resolution to their queries with a single call.

Economically feasible

The Cloud phone system is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based service. There is no requirement for any capital expenditure or installation charges. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription fee which is very low in comparison to traditional phone systems.

Switch to cloud in minutes with easy migration

One of the best things about the cloud phone system is that the traditional phone system and landlines can be easily migrated to this cloud-based technology. It opens up the option of using a cloud phone system not only for the new organizations but for old organizations as well who have been floating their landline numbers for years! 

If you switch your landlines to the cloud phone system, all your incoming calls shall be adequately routed to the cloud phone and you will not miss a single call ever.

Remote supervision with the live panel and detailed call analytics

Cloud phone system comes prepackaged with a live panel which offers valuable features like real-time call tracking, call recording, and detailed call analytics that can be used to make well-informed business decisions.

From the live panel, you can remotely supervise your sales and support team by checking the number of calls received, attended, missed and how much daily time your executives are spending on calls. For performance check-ups, you can also hear call recordings securely stored in the cloud.

Easily setup Business Helpline number for the safety of your employees of COVID-19

You can also take a step ahead and release a dedicated business helpline number to let your employees, as well as stakeholders, get advice and support regarding COVID-19, help them locate the nearest COVID-19 diagnosis center or brief them about precautionary measures. It will not only be a genuine act of care but will also uplift your brand’s position in the eyes of your customers and employees alike.

In general, the cloud phone system is a very efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and mobility-optimized solution for business communication. In the context of the Coronavirus epidemic, it can help you to not only reap its general benefits but also to empower your entire team work remotely, run your business operations smoothly, and ensure the safety of all.

If your traditional landline system is stopping you from letting your teams work remotely, switch to cloud phone systems today. With the trust of over 10,000+ customers, we assure you it would be one of the best decisions you’d ever make.

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