WhatsApp in Recruitment | 7 Key Insights from Shivam Dikshit on Hiring Processes

WhatsApp in Recruitment
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We are in a good news-bad news situation! The bad news is that many leading enterprises don’t realize or implement the full potential of WhatsApp Business during recruitment.

The good news, however, is that we bring forth key game changing insights on how WhatsApp works in recruitment to bridge that gap. This blog will ensure the WhatsApp FOMO is no more.

Recently we had an insightful session with MyOperator’s Director – Enterprise Business Shivam Dikshit, Sagarika Gujar – Associate Director at TopHire, and Aashna Gandhi – Senior Partner at TopHire. They shared their real-world insights on WhatsApp for recruitment with a more detailed emphasis on how WhatsApp paves ways to hire better & quicker. 

Topics Covered:

  • Maximizing efficiency in the hiring workflow
  • Utilizing WhatsApp for a seamless recruitment experience
  • Proven strategies for identifying and hiring top talent
  • How MyOperator and TopHire.co synergize for optimal results

This blog focuses on WhatsApp for Business and how it can reinforce the recruitment process with practical brand examples, stats, and use cases.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a recruiter, or a business leader, this blog on WhatsApp for recruitment will help you elevate your hiring game tenfold.

According to a study reported by Landbot, around 50% of users prefer WhatsApp for appointment notifications and 23% for transactional actions such as cancellations.

This makes WhatsApp the perfect communication choice to keep candidates engaged, streamline the recruitment process and deliver an optimum hiring experience.

WhatsApp in Recruitment – 7 Takeaways From The Tophire x MyOperator Webinar 

1. Enhanced Candidate Reach – Reaching Out to More Diverse Talent

WhatsApp’s widespread adoption offers recruiters a direct line to a vast, diverse pool of candidates, including those more engaged on messaging apps than traditional job platforms. This flexibility is especially effective for reaching tech-savvy demographics.

Aashna Gandhi, a Senior Partner at TopHire, demonstrates this point by explaining how they reach out to candidates: “As a part of our process, we use MyOperator… to just check on all the candidates if they are interviewing, they’re ready to look out.” 

She further adds that we are past the point of reaching candidates through WhatsApp; it’s about engaging them effectively, ensuring timely communication, and ultimately, making the recruitment process more efficient.

7 takeaways From The Webinar

2. Personalized Engagement: Use of WhatsApp for Creating Tailored Interactions

A personalized approach makes candidates feel valued, as messages are tailored to their specific backgrounds and experiences.

Aashna Gandhi from TopHire pitched in by stressing the effectiveness of this personalized approach. 

She explained how they use WhatsApp not only for initial contact but also for ongoing communication throughout the recruitment process. This includes sharing detailed information about opportunities, company USPs, and other benefits to engage candidates more personally.

Using WhatsApp for recruitment to facilitate regular updates and feedback throughout the hiring process, ensures candidates are well-informed and connected. Keeping the candidate updated in this competitive hiring space is very important. Even the smallest of updates that go through WhatsApp to these candidates makes a large difference. WhatsApp is a very candidate centric platform and builds trust.

Sagarika Gujar (Associate Director at TopHire)

3. Active Communication: Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Need quicker responses to queries and faster closures through multi-hiring stages? WhatsApp got you covered as it boasts a 10x higher open rate than emails with greater efficiency than sms or calls.

During the webinar, Shivam from MyOperator emphasized WhatsApp’s immediacy factor for rapid info exchange, which is crucial in maintaining momentum in the recruitment process. 

For instance, quick clarifications, scheduling interviews, and immediate feedback can all be handled swiftly through the app.

“Efficient call management a.k.a Efficient communication via WhatsApp is essential in today’s fast-paced recruitment environment, where timely responses and quick decision-making can give companies a competitive edge in securing top talent.”

He broke down the process of how MyOperator significantly enhances HR consultancies like TopHire by offering three key advantages. 

Firstly, it automates call management, streamlining the recruiter’s task of reaching out to potential candidates, saving time, and providing valuable analytics. 

Secondly, it facilitates candidate engagement through SMS notifications, health check calls, and WhatsApp, ensuring candidates stay informed and connected. 

Lastly, MyOperator records call, enabling quality checks and feedback collection to improve the recruitment process continually. These features collectively boost efficiency, engagement, and quality in HR consultancy operations, making it a valuable tool for firms like TopHire.

How MyOperator helps HR consultancies like TopHire | MyOperator

4. Automated Reminders and Scheduling: Integration of WhatsApp with Recruitment Tools

Integrating WhatsApp for recruitment allows for automated messaging, which greatly enhances the efficiency of managing interview schedules. This feature is essential for reducing the likelihood of missed interviews and keeping both recruiters and candidates informed.

Automated reminders and confirmations can be sent via MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and timely for their interviews. This not only streamlines the scheduling process but also significantly improves the candidate experience by providing clear and consistent communication.

5. Feedback Collection: WhatsApp as a Game Changer 

WhatsApp serves as an effective tool for gathering post-interview feedback. This approach provides recruiters with valuable insights into the recruitment process and candidate experience. Such feedback is crucial for identifying areas of improvement.

The best part about WhatsApp is its ease and convenience to request and receive feedback from candidates post-interview. For quick and honest responses, which can be pivotal in refining recruitment strategies, WhatsApp is the top preference because it empowers candidate satisfaction.

Aashna Gandhi (Senior Partner at TopHire)

TopHire’s Review of MyOperator | Customer Speaks | MyOperator


6. Tailored Job Notifications and Descriptions: Smart Reach = Smarter Applicants

Imagine a company that identifies your portfolio and directly approaches you. Wouldn’t you give everything you’ve got for such a company that comes against the way and reaches out to you with a personalized invitation to participate in the interview? 

WhatsApp can be effectively used for sending job alerts and detailed descriptions directly to candidates. This ensures that the information is seen immediately, potentially increasing the number of applications and the overall interest in the position. 

The platform’s widespread use and instant notification feature mean that job postings are more likely to be noticed and acted upon quickly by potential candidates.

Following such approaches aligns with modern recruitment practices, where immediacy and direct communication can significantly impact the success of filling job vacancies.

7. After-Offer Engagement: Importance of Continuous Communication through WhatsApp 

Maintaining contact with candidates via WhatsApp after extending a job offer is crucial for keeping candidates engaged and informed. Initiating continuous engagement with selected candidates is important to ensure that candidates remain committed and don’t drop out of the process. 

The direct and personal nature of WhatsApp messaging allows for a more connected and reassuring communication channel, which can be important in securing a candidate’s final decision to join the organization.

Whatsapp messaging for recruiters is a game-changing tool they never thought they needed but deserved. 

Also, the most common agreement from the recruitment teams across various companies states that WhatsApp Business is easy to set up. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up WhatsApp for your business.


Webinars are fun and indeed a smarter way to learn from the experts. We hope this blog which focussed solely on signifying the importance of whatsapp in the recruitment process has enlightened you with great information on Whatsapp.

As much as we hate to say this but “Virus” from 3 idiots was partly right with a small tweak – “Hiring is indeed a race, if we don’t run faster, the competitors might end up securing the top talent.”

As a recruiter, leveraging WhatsApp not only enhances your ability to connect with top talent but also positions you as a forward-thinking professional in the game of recruitment.

So, if you’re ready to redefine your approach and embrace innovation, integrating WhatsApp into your recruitment toolkit is a strategic move.

Let’s put a new perspective to “WhatsApp me” and go beyond simple conversations. 

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