Best WhatsApp Business API Use Cases in Education Industry- Insights By Shivam Dikshit

WhatsApp Business API Use Cases
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Just think about it: the way we communicate every day, personally and professionally, has drastically changed, right? 

It’s like, one minute we’re all about emails and websites, and the next, boom, social media takes the throne. But now, even that’s getting a bit old school. The spotlight? It’s shining bright on WhatsApp.

And in this grand shift, education isn’t sitting in the back row. Nope, it’s right there, up front, embracing mobile tech in ways that are seriously shaking up both management and learning. 

But why are we even talking about WhatsApp in education now, more than ever? Well, enter WhatsApp Business API.

With WhatsApp Business API use cases, schools, colleges, you name it, get to steer their communication with legitimacy, deeper-understanding and control that wasn’t quite there before. 

We’re talking about unlocking a world of endless possibilities that could transform how educational institutions engage, adapt, comprehend, and employ groundbreaking strategies in enhancing customer experience.

At the Keeping Students Hooked – CX Strategies for Education Sector webinar, Shivam Dikshit, Director of Enterprise Business at MyOperator shared invaluable insights on using WhatsApp Business API in education.

3 ways how the EdTech companies are leveraging the power of Call + WhatsApp | MyOperator

WhatsApp Business In The Education Industry- Best Use Cases

1. Automated Student Qualification

Shivam Dikshit elaborated on the transformative approach of using WhatsApp Business API to automate the student qualification process, marking a significant shift in how educational institutions manage the influx of leads during the admission season. 

He described this process as initially tiring and time-consuming, which calls for a more streamlined method. 

To address this, a dual-method automation strategy was employed, utilizing WhatsApp chatbots for education to engage with prospective students, thereby collecting essential data such as the student’s class, branch, or city.

Shivam illustrated this innovative method, stating, “before the admission season begins…we gather a lot of leads from a variety of places.” 

Now, these leads need to be qualified, and the qualification process is very painful and long. So, what we have done is that we have automated it using two methods we call it a filtering strategy.” 

He detailed how this automation allows for a more efficient interaction, where “a WhatsApp marketing campaign can interact with the student and fetch relevant information such as the class of the student or the branch of the student or city of the student”​​.

Furthermore, Shivam discussed how this WhatsApp automation not only simplifies the qualification process but also significantly alleviates the burden on human resources, enabling them to concentrate on leads that have been effectively qualified through this automated system. 

Through WhatsApp automation, the admission process becomes not only more efficient but also more targeted, showcasing the platform’s potential to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of educational institutions’ operations.

2. Admission Assistance

During the admission period, Shivam Dikshit highlighted the irreplaceable role of WhatsApp in providing immediate communication with prospective students, a strategy that significantly boosts engagement and conversion rates. 

Schools and universities, overwhelmed with inquiries, found instant connection often lacking, despite having CRM software systems in place. 

Shivam emphasized, “Let’s say you are a student; you called the admission office…when I have spoken with you, every relevant information related to the course that you’re inquiring about, be it the college prospectus or the fee structure or the enrollment form, is sent via WhatsApp.”

This streamlined approach ensures that from the moment a potential student shows interest, all necessary information is promptly delivered to their fingertips, eliminating delays and the need for repeated follow-ups.

3. Enhanced Parental Communication with Call Masking Solution

Shivam shared a transformative strategy adopted by a school that went 100% paperless, utilizing WhatsApp education chatbots to send report cards, event invites, and payment reminders digitally. 

The digital shift highlights the increased likelihood of engagement and response from parents, given WhatsApp’s pervasive presence in their daily lives.

Dikshit highlighted the effectiveness of WhatsApp Business API as a communication tool, noting, “The exposure time of WhatsApp is very high…if it’s in your inbox, it’s in a very personal space…the probability of reply becomes higher in case of WhatsApp as compared to call.” 

This personal touchpoint enhances the likelihood of meaningful interactions, making it an invaluable platform for educational institutions aiming to maintain a seamless flow of information with parents.

While addressing the perks and cons of enhanced communication, Shivam highlighted a common challenge faced by educational institutions regarding teacher-parent communication. 

The introduction of a call masking solution exemplified a move to protect educators’ privacy while maintaining open lines of communication. 

This system allowed for interactions without exposing personal contact details, coupled with automated responses to manage communication outside working hours effectively. 

“We have implemented a call masking solution where the private number of the teacher remains hidden,” Shivam explained, showcasing how technology can foster respectful and professional exchanges between parents and teachers​

MyOperator Successful Case Studies – Education Industry

#1 How Aakash Education Boosted Student Engagement & Streamlined Support with MyOperator Call + WhatsApp Solution.

Askash and MyOperator Whatsapp business solution

Problem Statement

As a leading education provider, Aakash Education was not able to manage high call volumes during peak seasons, especially after exam results or during competitive exams. 

It becomes difficult to connect with thousands of students efficiently within limited timeframes and collect necessary information regarding their interests and exam participation.

The MyOperator Solution

To address these challenges, Aakash Education implemented MyOperator’s integrated Call + WhatsApp solution to:

  • Automate and manage calls efficiently, especially during busy times
  • Connect with 60,000+ students daily
  • Collect information based on student interests and track exam participation
Aakash education whatsapp solution

Customer Speaks

Aakash Education’s Review of MyOperator | Customer Speaks | MyOperator

#2 How MyOperator Assisted PrepMed NEET to Scale Student Engagement by 30% with IVR + SMS

MyOperator whatsapp business solution and PrepMed NEET

Problem Statement

Managing student communications effectively was one of PrepMed NEET’s challenges. Due to the high call volumes of students enrolled in their courses, it became more and more challenging to guarantee prompt and efficient communication about schedule changes, course updates, and other crucial information. Also, collecting student input to enhance their offerings was a time-consuming task.

The MyOperator Solution

  • Using MyOperator’s IVR support to speed up their communication
  • Contacting students effectively via inbound and outbound IVR calls
  • Utilizing MyOperator’s SMS portal for additional communication
  • Tracking communication efforts and received student feedback using MyOperator’s user-friendly dashboards
MyOperator Solution with PrepMed neet

Customer Speaks

PrepMed’s Review of MyOperator | Customer Speaks | MyOperator


Looking ahead, the future of WhatsApp Business API in education seems not just promising but essential. 

WhatsApp Business API’s ability to automate processes, ensure privacy, and maintain high engagement levels positions, as shared by Shivam,  serves as a cornerstone for digital transformation in education.

With features tailored to meet the unique needs of the education sector, MyOperator offers a platform that is both user-friendly, advanced and powerful, ensuring that schools, colleges, and universities can leverage WhatsApp business for education  to its fullest extent.

In conclusion, the adoption of MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business API by educational institutions marks a significant step toward redefining communication within the sector. 

By embracing this technology, institutions can look forward to a future where engagement, efficiency, and privacy are not just goals but actual realities.

For educational institutions ready to embark on this journey toward enhanced digital communication, MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business API offers the perfect starting point. 

Discover how this solution can transform your institution’s communication strategy and open doors to a more connected and responsive educational environment. 

Explore MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business API today and take the first step towards a future where every message counts.

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