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US virtual number to unlock your global business success

US virtual number for US business
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Conducting business internationally is both a dream and challenge for most businesses. But when international means the USA, the probable challenges as well as expected profits rise up substantially. No wonder, every year millions of businesses enter the US market.

However, equally astonishing is the fact that amongst those million businesses, thousands of them are not even physically located in America. They are companies based in other countries dealing with American customers (and possibly with those of other countries as well).

Talking about these businesses, the ones breaking their geographical barriers and stepping in US market — the struggle must be real.

Serving international customers with the company actually set up a thousand miles away, communicating with customers via Skype or other internet callings modes, and probably delivering products/services through local dealers. Well, if only this was as convenient as it looked.

I believe this way of making your business function in international market can never reciprocate you with proportionate profits.

Wondering why? Look at this:

  1. Why should your US prospects trust a foreign-based company and not the one actually set up in the US?
  2. Why should you expect your prospects to be readily available for a Skype call and actually struggle with internet connectivity to hear your business proposal?
  3. Why should your prospects incur international calling charges to connect with your foreign business number?

Well, the ongoing confusion in your mind aptly proves my point (hopefully).

Earning customers is a hard-won goal, and challenges with global customers are almost twice than usual. This is why, the medium of customer communication/experience/conversion should be kept as obstacle-free as possible.

Trust issues, internet connectivity, international calling charges ㄧ all these are few of those obstacles that hinder customer conversion.

These might look as merely temporary and small issues at first, but let’s not forget, the target customers here are ‘international’.

So, considering the above-discussed facts, businesses aiming for global success can’t shouldn’t take this risk of conducting business with so many probable challenges in between.

If you too are planning to take your business international, be sure that you’re ready to overcome these challenges beforehand. Obviously, there could be several ways to resolve them but one of the most effective ones is a US virtual business number.

What is a US virtual phone number?

US virtual number is a 10 digit phone number with US local area code. Being a virtual online phone number, it will have multiple phone numbers (be it of any country) mapped behind it.

Calls placed at your virtual number will be forwarded to those mapped phone numbers. Alongside, the virtual number will also have a customised voice greeting [IVR] which would:

1). Greet your callers with a professional voice message.

2). Allow your callers to connect with the concerned department/agent directly with the keypad menu.

Also, calls placed at the virtual toll free number can be recorded, tracked and monitored with ease. If you’re looking to get a toll-free number for your business, this feature offers an added advantage for seamless management and customer service

Now, if you’re wondering how this 10 digit number will resolve the previously mentioned challenges, here’s your answer.

US virtual number for US customers

  • As it’s a virtual number, several phone numbers of your agents can be mapped behind one number. And not only of different agents, contact number of your different branches, local or international, can be mapped behind one centralised number. This would help you represent your business with a common number.
  • As several numbers are mapped behind one number, multiple calls can be attended simultaneously by your team. This would significantly reduce the chance of your agents missing customer calls.
  • A contact number with ‘+1’ in the beginning will obviously build trust & confidence towards your business, amongst your US target audience. It will particularly eliminate (or at least reduce) the ‘foreign’ (alien) aspect of your company, which could be a drawback for many American prospects.
  • Another related benefit of having a virtual US number would be the fact that it will facilitate your American callers to connect with your business at local calling charges only. Had they been expected to call on your foreign business number, trust me, the volume of ‘these’ calls would be substantially low.
  • About the recording, tracking and monitoring feature of a virtual phone number, the advantages are quite clear:

Recording your customer conversation would give you clear insights into your customer expectations as well as your team performance on calls.

Tracking your business calls, would give you a real-time updated report of your missed, attended and outgoing calls.

Both the features together will make your customer call monitoring much easy and effective.

Most importantly, you’d want a virtual US number to ease & upgrade your mode of customer communication, something which is highly relevant when taking business international.

Virtual US number for ‘your’ business

As you now plan of getting a US virtual number for your business, let me introduce you to MyOperator, a leading cloud call center solution provider in the industry. Get your US virtual number along with several other features like IVR service, call tracking, call recording, and more. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for your 3-day demo.
  2. Set up your IVR, assign users and departments on the same.
  3. Meanwhile, our executives will contact you and you can then choose the number of your choice.
  4. As soon as the number is confirmed and assigned, you’re ready to publish it and start receiving calls.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 866967462, we’ll sign you up on the phone and can help you get started with the services in less than 30 minutes.

Take away: While you’re aiming for your business success in the US, you wouldn’t want to compromise with it. The stakes are high. If a business number can ease your work, well the deal is worth it.

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