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Are you supporting your customers during demonetization?

Customer support is vital post demonetization.
MyOperator / Blog / Are you supporting your customers during demonetization?

That day I ordered a pair of jeans from an e-commerce website opting for the ‘Cash On Delivery’ option. At around 8:30 pm on the same day, when my dad switched on the TV, we were shocked at the announcement made by Mr.Modi to demonetize Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 notes with effect from 8th midnight. The decision was so abrupt and unexpected that I had no time to react. My mind was overflowing with questions one of them being how to go about changing the mode of payment of my order.

The news of “Demonetization” has struck really hard to the entire nation. 8th November, 2016 was the day when PM Narendra Modi demonetized the old currency notes. Although this move will be beneficial for the country in the long run, many sectors were hard hit due this in the short run. The newspapers were flooded with news highlighting the plight of businesses in various sectors and their customers.

My grandfather, who is a doctor told me that his receptionist is always on a call and his hospital remains flooded with calls after 8th November 2016. Most phone calls were queries regarding the mode of payment since many hospitals declared that they would still accept the old currency notes. It was only when I spoke with him about how missing out on these phone calls might lead to losing revenue that he realized the importance of attending to each one of them.

The secret to high business growth is through the customer’s heart and you can win the customer’s heart by an excellent customer support system in the times when they need you the most. I know at this time, businesses like yours must be flooding with customer calls and it is very important for you to manage all these calls efficiently in order to gain customers’ trust.

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My uncle is a businessman and he believes that keeping business communication open and available immediately during times of emergency is vital for his company’s reputation. According to him, businesses need to be prepared to answer a variety of incoming calls from customers, employees, suppliers and even their corporate or managing office in order to gain their trust. He uses MyOperator’s tollfree number for his business so that the customers do not think twice before calling him for help.

Even you can use a toll free number to provide an excellent customer support to your customers at a time when they need you the most. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab this opportunity to conquer your customer’s heart. Don’t have a toll free number yet? Call 9212992129.

Do you know that MyOperator’s tollfree number comes along with an IVR? IVRs help customers help themselves and it saves the customers’ time by routing their calls to the right department and gives them a memorable call experience. IVRs connect the customers to the agents who are most qualified to address their queries. Thus, inbound IVRs can help increasing customer satisfaction by many folds.

Not only can you use inbound IVRs for customer support but also outbound IVRs and bulk SMSes to address the common queries. Customers love it if you call them to offer help. Let them know that you care for them.

Don’t let any opportunity go off your hands. Just serve your customers when they need you the most and they’ll get back to you for repeat purchases for you have already won their trust.
Get MyOperator’s call management system for your business now.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know about the types of customer queries your business is facing in the comments section.

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