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Sales motivation tips to fill your team with enthusiasm in WFH

MyOperator / Blog / Sales motivation tips to fill your team with enthusiasm in WFH

Sales can be a tedious job. The performance pressure and pressure to land as many clients as possible can be extremely overwhelming. If your team seems burnt out and tired, you motivate them with a fun activity or a casual conversational session. If you see a team member all worked up, you talk to them about what bothers them and guide them. You, as a manager, give those daily morning pep talks and appreciate your team members publicly for their good work. That’s how you manage to get the most out of your team while keeping them happy. But there is one problem, how do you do this while working from home? You can’t see your team, you can’t see their stress, you can’t socialize with them so how do you motivate them? Well, we got you covered here are 5 tips for sales managers that will help you become the master of sales motivation:

Hunt down loneliness

While this may not come up too often, researches suggest that work from home makes people feel lonelier than ever. You should always be on the lookout for those unhappy and low-feeling team members who might not be opening up about their poor mental state but want someone to talk to. Identify those people, have one-to-one conversations with them, encourage them to participate in group conversations and you will surely get your energetic employee back. Sales motivation is crucial because if your employee is upset then it will also affect their performance.

Communication is the key to sales motivation

Suppose you have a teammate standing outside your cabin, waiting for you to let them in and talk to them. Will you make them wait there for 3-4 hours? It’s practically impossible right. Then why does it have to be this way in the remote setup? Your team members are always going to need you for guidance on one thing or the other so replying to their messages after a few hours demotivates them a lot as well as hinders their workflow. If you are genuinely busy somewhere, set your chat status as busy or away to let them know and reply to their messages as soon as you are available. Being crystal clear when it comes to sales motivation is appreciated. Be consistent and communicating with your team members and you’ll witness them doing wonders.

Sales motivation tips to fill your team with enthusiasm in WFH

The team needs your appreciation

Employees love it when their managers appreciate them publicly and get others to clap for them. Now while clapping isn’t easily possible in the remote setting, praising your team members in the company chat rooms or group video calls is the best way to make them feel good about themselves and believe in the job that they are doing good as a salesperson and make efforts to do better. Even the smallest of recognitions make a lot of difference.

Be their guiding light

This goes without saying that you, as their manager, are the one who has to support your sales team, help them improve their weaknesses, and lead them towards organizational as well as personal goals. Regular interaction with your teammates where you discuss their challenges, take their feedback, and provide them solutions are bound to give them sales motivation to work harder and be more productive.

Online games are not just for kids

Playing online games is a practice that is a must. The reason is simple, it is fun and relaxing. Every now and then your team as well as you yourself need to take a break and look away from those excel sheets. Online multiplayer games such as Ludo, Skribble, or UNO can be a good de-stressor for all of you. These online games help in building a good bond and healthy relationships too. For example, if you’re looking for ways to destress with quick fun game, you can try an online game of Solitaire. We have all played Solitaire as kids and now in the digital age too, it’s a popular pastime and refreshing game throughout the world. The ease of playing and the fun in gameplay helps you relax and thus forges lasting friendly relationships in a team.

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