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A look back at Top 15 Sales Influencers of 2021

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2021 is about to end and with this ends another year of building sales and marketing strategies. But every ending is a new beginning. So welcome 2022 already. It is now time to learn from the mistakes you made and explore new ways to make revenue. At the end of the day, it is your sales strategy that helps you in generating revenue. Experimenting with your sales strategies and exploring new ways will eventually help you figure out the best strategy for your business. And sales influencers help you do exactly that. Here is a list of sales influencers that have helped several businesses and sales representatives achieve new heights. Take a look back on these masters of sales

Patrick Dang 

Patrick Dang is a sales coach who uses and provides you with present-day methods to build businesses, produce leads, and close deals. More than 50,000 understudies worldwide have profited from his insight and inspiration. He also made a thorough web-based tool for certain immeasurable sales mysteries available to everyone free of cost. 

Go search for his YouTube channel right away to find heaps of helpful techniques, tips, and also the sales mistakes you should stay away from. Patrick is also very energetic and proactive on LinkedIn as well, he is always sharing stories and other things of importance. The valued material he shares is just incredible! No doubt he was one of the top sales influencers in 2021 and will maintain his position in 2022 as well. 

Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffery Gitomer

Need to learn how to close deals quicker? Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales, is the man you need to follow. He is the writer of 13 books, including ‘New York Times success’ and ‘The Little Red Book of Selling’. He is very active in social media and often tweets on different subjects like an individual improvement, organizing, social selling, and inspirational statements and has 100k+ active followers on Twitter. He doesn’t stop there! He has 12k+ followers on Instagram as well, where he posts moments from his webcast, Sell Or Die

He is known for his honors and acknowledgments, some of which incorporate, IPPY “Business Breakthrough Book of the Year” for The Little Red Book of Selling (2005), Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Award by the National Speakers Association (2007) and I PPY Axiom Book Award Gold Medal Winner in Sales for Customer Loyalty Concepts (2008). Well, his portfolio itself makes him worthy of being one of the top sales influencers of 2021. 

Kelly Rigs

Next in the list of top sales influencers, we have a B2B sales influencer and the master of the B2B sales world – Kelly Riggs. Kelly is the President of Business LockerRoom that focuses on sales and administration methodologies.

He has been a two-time public honor champ of Salesperson-of-the-year and the writer of three fruitful books on sales and the executives.

Kelly’s work intended to guide the sales entrepreneurs to recognize and enlist the right sales representatives. He also prepares sales crews to drive positive outcomes. For B2Bsales, he is one of the most amazing sales influencers to be reckoned with to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sue Barrett

Sue Barret

“Everyone lives by selling something”, says Sue Barrett. As an advisor and teacher, she shares her significant information on sales frameworks with her customers and followers all across the world to improve their business. 

She advocates for moral strategic approaches, engages finance managers, and creates supportable business methodologies. In 1995, she established her own counseling and instruction organization – Barrett Consulting Group Pty Ltd.

She shares significant assets on sales and also tells the sales professionals about the most ethical way to land clients. Her blogs and her LinkedIn profile are like the bible when it comes to sales. 

Kendra Lee

Throughout the previous 25 years, Kendra Lee has worked for KLA Group – a lead generation organization that also provides sales-based content. Under her course, they’ve assisted numerous little and medium organizations with accomplishing remarkable expansions in income and references. She additionally conveys featured discussions, studios, and has also written 2 books. 

You need to follow Kendra’s social media right now to dive more deeply into the lead generation process, sales prospecting, creating relationships with leads and with customers, and a lot more!. There’s no doubt she is one of the best sales influencers of 2021. 

Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen is a B2B sales sensei who encourages how to win more deals by utilizing a human way to sell your product. She was unable to stand the one-size-fits-all training and techniques she experienced in different companies so in 2014 she established LDK Advisory Services. Through empathetic and completely customized guidance for every individual, she eliminates the obstructions in sales experts’ ways.

If you might want to see more material on sales authority, income enablement, the condition of sales, and related themes follow Anita on LinkedIn. She also tweets now and again – remain tuned to her rousing words and minor but significant suggestions!

Jack Kosakowski

Jack Kosakowski is the CEO of Design Agency. From a salesman to an effective CEO of two organizations, he received a huge amount of praise in both the toles. He is related to brands like LeadIQ, Xvoyant, Sales Hacker, Ringleader, Leadsift, Chorus, Gong, and a lot more!

In Jack’s own blog, most of the pieces are about the workmanship and study of social selling. He has completely reformed the customary sales approach into a social selling approach where buyers and sellers both win! 

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson is the Founder and CEO of Score More Sales, a business procedure firm, and is President of Women Sales Pros. Lori wins sales through outstanding sales call methodologies and then helps sales representatives by giving real-life experiences she has had. She holds regular discussions with women in sales and encourages companies how to find, enlist, hold and advance more women in sales and sales positions of authority.

Creator of “She Sells”, Lori additionally helps all kinds of people fill in a business vocation using 21 sales abilities. Lori is a regular name on the list of sales influencers, powerhouse records, including’s and LinkedIn.

Suman Julka

Suman Julka
Suman Julka

Suman Julka was the Head of Sales and Marketing, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts.

She has an experience of 20 years of involvement in the hospitality business. She trusts in working with the team rather than getting work from them. 

She unequivocally propels her teammates to chip away voluntarily instead of being pressurized or ordered. Suman prompts her team to take initiatives, subsequently, helping them in developing their certainty which results in the complete development of the idea. 

She used to guarantee that the visitors, representatives, and the organization are in a blended relationship to flourish. With her motto to ‘Be the Best’ in the business, she has done some amazing things that landed her on this list of best sales influencers. 


Colleen works intimately with sales team leaders of different companies to assist them with recognizing pointers that can drive sales and design sales processes that give faster and better results. She has stowed different awards as a business tactician and was perceived as LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. 

Colleen has composed two books so far on sales development. She likewise conducts courses to instruct sales teams and provide them with the current sales strategies where the client is the one driving the interaction. She has additionally been the Keynote Speaker in the Canadian Hall of Fame. Her long list of achievements is what made her one of the top influencers. 

Tom Boston

Tom Boston’s most loved hashtag, #saleslove, summarizes his functioning style. As a social sales evangelist at SalesLoft, he empowers companies to surpass their pipeline objectives, income targets… and above all, customer expectations and customer service. Working as a business improvement manager for a long time taught him the skills of how to associate and build rapport with the customers. 

Need to know how to make trust as well as even love your business? Follow Tom – he’s proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter and shares images, tips, and tactics on everything related to sales.

Kane Draper 

As a chief sales mentor, Kane Draper knows how to increase your productivity by 10 times and also engage your salesforce. For more than 16 years, he’s had the responsibility for bringing sales, overseeing agreements, and marketing. He sets aspiring targets and follows through on them, sustaining long-haul organizations with key leaders.

On his site, Kane distributes blog articles to help salesmen and entrepreneurs stay spurred in their work. His LinkedIn is also worth if you want to gain some motivation.

Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro
Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro is the smash-hit writer of two books “LinkedIn Unblocked” and “The LinkedIn Code”. Evidently, LinkedIn is the best spot to follow her!

Melonie has an enormous profession wherein she had several responsibilities, sales expert, content marketing mentor, and CEO. She has been into social selling way in front of the term was begat. President at Top Dog Social Media, Melonie gives advanced tips to B2B sales teams and experts.

Melonie shares astonishing material on Twitter just as LinkedIn, and you would rather not miss that!

Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is a LinkedIn live leader, a business star, and a sales influencer. At present as Director of Sales at InsideOut, she assists sales and marketing pioneers with their GTM methodology and gives them assets to keep up with sales efficiency. In her extra time, she’s a Community Leader on Sales Hacker and composes for

On her LinkedIn, she spreads motivation and word about intriguing sales opportunities. You can generally depend on her for new sales tips and guidance, as well! This is why she will be a sales icon in 2022 as well. 

Graham Hawkins

Graham Hawkins
Graham Hawkins

Graham Hawkins is the author of SalesTribe, a worldwide local area for sales experts. He’s likewise a featured expert, top-of-the-line creator, and a LinkedIn Top Voice. As a specialist in web-based and social selling, he directs sales reps through the consistently changing and super dynamic market. Because of him, many have further developed their business ability and tracked down new professional openings

Follow Graham’s LinkedIn and Twitter to find articles, examples of overcoming adversity, and precious exhortation on current sales procedures. His intellect about sales is what makes him one of the top sales influencers of 2021. 

We have added all our favorite sales influencers of 2021. Tell us in the comments below about your favorites. 

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