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Best Lead Nurturing Tools for your Business

Best Lead Nurturing Tools for your Business
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Lead nurturing is the most common way of creating and supporting relationships with leads/purchasers at each phase of the sales pipeline. An effective lead nurturing system centers around advertising and paying attention to the necessities of your leads and giving the answers they need to build trust, improve brand awareness, and keep and maintain the relationship till the prospect decides to become your customer. Marketo reports confirm that around 80% of the new leads are not ready to buy the product and they are just exploring. That is the reason it’s crucial to foster your relationships with the leads using effective and organized lead nurturing tools. 

You need to stay on top of your lead’s mind to finally convert them into your buyers. One way of doing it is by educating them about the brand in an impactful manner. The other way is to use technology to know what your leads are interested in and learn about their behavior.  

As per today’s circumstances saying’ “Hi, please reach out when you are ready to buy”, isn’t an effective way to nurture leads. With the buyers becoming savvier and gaining more knowledge of the market it is time to let go of traditional ways of lead nurturing. Your leads now need regular attention and updates about your product. Furthermore, they expect you to understand their needs and preferences too. This is exactly why several big brands are exploring the market and tapping on lead nurturing tools that will make the processes easier as well as methodical. 

Best Lead Nurturing Tools for Your Business in 2022
Best Lead Nurturing Tools for Your Business in 2022- MyOperator

Make Email Automation handy with Sales Handy 

Now that you have the list of all the verified emails of the prospects it is time to start nurturing them. To stay in touch with them you need to be consistent with your messages and follow-up emails. SalesHandy makes this process smoother by offering you assistance in the task. It helps in sending personalized emails to all the receivers including those who did not open your previous emails. 

It can send multiple follow-up emails up to 9 stages with trigger messages like ‘not opened’, ‘not replied’, and many more. It also helps in maintaining a safe time frame between two emails to protect your emails from landing in the spam folders of your leads. Moreover, it can personalize your automated emails as well. Personalizing every email increases its open chances by 26%. Thus utilize this feature wisely. 

Saleshandy also provides you with the statistics of all the emails sent at each stage of the process. Get comprehensive statistics of all the metrics, click rate, response rate, open rate, and much more to optimize your campaign accordingly to get the best possible results. 

The best part is yet to come. All the emails sent through SalesHandy will directly land into the inbox of your leads instead of their promotions folder which further increases the chances of your mails being opened and read. 

Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022
Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022- MyOperator

Outgrow for interactive content 

45% of B2B customers say that interactive content is the most preferred content type. However, the tress of nurturing leads with engaging content is immaculate. But need not worry Outgrow got you covered. Outgrow’s interactive content builder tool can help you in creating polls, quizzes, text surveys, and much more to grab the attention of your leads. Creative and interactive content will not only boost your lead nurturing campaign but also help in improving your conversion rate. If you are using store-specific platform Shopify you can also integarte Outgrow with Shopify store besides using other Shopify apps to increase conversions.

Interactive content helps you in building a bond with your leads and further fosters that bond by providing leads with personalized solutions for their queries. Outgrow is a tool trusted by many big brands because of its simplified user interface and the value that it adds when it comes to lead nurturing. 

It lets you publish your content anytime and anywhere within minutes. It also helps in increasing lead conversion rate as they provide 1000+ templates for creating innovative content. Furthermore, they provide you with comprehensive insights about your content that you can then utilize to produce the content which is liked by your the most. 

Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022
Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022- MyOperator

Pipeline to ease the sales process

Pipeline formerly known as pipeline drive is a sales CRM that helps in streamlining your sales process and to keep an eye on which level of sales process every lead is standing. It comes with sales-focused features, has an interactive and easy user interface, and helps businesses offer superior customer support to all the customers and leads by taking care of redundant sales tasks. 

It is a sales platform that is easy to set up, has seamless integrations, and offers intuitive tools. You can utilize the tool to nurture your leads by keeping the data handy of sales stages and on which sales stage leads stand. You can see your sales and leads in a single list and use customized filters to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022
Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022- MyOperator

MyOperator for cloud telephony

Huge phone bills and poor network and availability of your business is a great hurdle when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. Even your best efforts will be futile if you aren’t available for your leads when you need to be. Then what is the solution for this? Well, one solution to all these problems is a small investment in cloud telephony from MyOperator

A virtual phone system can help you in outbound calling campaigns, help streamline communication with your leads, and also save you from huge bills of phone calls. Furthermore, cloud telephony is the future. The pandemic has already taught us that our future is dependent upon technology. Then why not utilize the best technology available in the market for your business to increase both customer engagement and lead retention. 

You can nurture your leads using call center software and cloud technology by being available to them 24*7, by reaching out to them through outbound calling campaigns, and much more. Not only this cloud telephony has many more benefits like: 

  • It helps in saving huge infrastructural cost that needs to be invested in a traditional telephony system. Now you can put that capital to use for marketing as well as other requisites for your business. 
  • You can set up remote teams, which means you can hire the best talent for your business and customer support from anywhere. 
  • All your data is stored on the cloud which can be accessed at all times. Thus, now you do not have to worry about losing important information about your leads. 
  • Cloud telephony tools like IVR calling system and Toll free number are highly customizable and adaptable software. You can include as many telephony features as you want to facilitate both your customers and leads. 
  • It is highly scalable and portable hence, you do not have to worry even if you are changing the geographical location of your business. Your leads and communication system will stay intact. 
Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022
Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022- MyOperator

Leadboxer for lead and customer intelligence

Leadboxer is a lead nurturing platform that primarily nurtures leads with the help of its effective lead scoring technology. The software works by assigning a number to every lead on the basis of how likely they are of buying your product as per their behavior and previous interactions with you. When you have this level of intel available your sales representatives know how to approach the client and how much attention they need to give to the lead to finally convert them into your customer. 

It helps you in finding out your most qualified leads and injects valuable insights into your sales flow. They offer seamless and several out-of-the-box integrations to collect necessary data and provide you with extensive analytics. It is highly flexible and supports various workflows, integrations, and data sources. They offer a handy application and API from where you can fetch raw data about the leads. The best part is if you get stuck at any point of the process they have created many videos and study material for you to access in just one click. 

Best lead nurturing tools for your business in 2022- MyOperator

We are certain that all the above given lead-nurturing tools will come in handy to you in 2022 to help your lead nurturing process go a step ahead. However, there is no harm in exploring more either, but make sure every lead nurturing tool you use must have the following basic features: 

  • Thye should be user-friendly. You are using lead nurturing tools to make the process easier and more systematic for your team members thus the tools should be handy and have an easy user interface. 
  • If possible they should have a mobile application as well so that one can access them anywhere anytime. Leaderboxer and MyOperator come with such applications. 
  • The tool’s dashboard should give you valuable insights and relevant data related to tool nurturing. For instance, sales handy give you comprehensive data of how many emails have been read by your leads, how many of them are unopened, and how many follow-up emails you have already sent. 
  • Most importantly, they should be affordable as you cannot jeopardize other business activities by investing a huge amount of capital in one tool that might or might not work for your business. 

So what are you waiting for? Change the dynamics of your sales and lead nurturing with these tools in the new year 2022 starting now! 

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