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“Student Feedback Helped Us Scale Big” – Learn From PrepMed NEET’s Dr Debajyoti Kar

PrepMed NEET Success with MyOperator
MyOperator / Blog / “Student Feedback Helped Us Scale Big” – Learn From PrepMed NEET’s Dr Debajyoti Kar

In a world where education is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the digital age, MyOperator’s CXth Sense series webinar held on March 7 stands as a transformative moment for educators, administrators, and enthusiasts alike. 

Among the distinguished speakers was Dr. Debajyoti Kar, CEO of PrepMed NEET, whose insights into customer experience in the education sector offered a profound understanding of how to maintain student engagement and motivation.

Dr. Kar emphasized the significance of impactful interactions in the educational journey, drawing on his rich background in medical education and passion for innovative teaching methodologies. 

He shared his experiences with MyOperator, highlighting how it helped PrepMed NEET transform the way the institution connects and communicates with its students.

This is an opportunity to learn from one of the field’s best. Join us in uncovering the actionable tips and valuable insights that can elevate your approach to student engagement and success. 

Keeping Students Hooked – CX Strategies for Education Sector | MyOperator CXth Sense Series

Key Components of Customer Service in Education Sector

1. Importance of Impact and Trust

Dr. Kar emphasizes that the value in education comes from the impact on students and building trust. The focus should be on how students benefit from the services rather than just the longevity or history of the institution.

2. Feedback is Crucial

Collecting feedback and acting on it is essential for continuous improvement. Dr. Kar mentions the importance of integrating tools that facilitate easy feedback collection to understand students’ and parents’ needs better.

3. Adaptability to Students’ Needs

The ability to adapt educational products and services based on feedback and changing requirements is vital. Dr. Kar speaks about modifying the approach as per the target audience’s needs, which is fundamental in maintaining relevance and effectiveness.

4. Technical Tools for Engagement

The use of technical tools is integral in creating an impactful learning experience. Dr. Kar believes in leveraging technology not just for teaching but also for engaging students and parents more effectively.

“‘Every Student Is Different, It’s All About The Care We Offer And That’s Why Personalization & Feedback Are Important”

– Dr. Debajyoti Kar’s (CEO of PrepMed NEET) 

Success Triangle: An Innovative Concept to Empower Customer Service in Education Sector

In the webinar, Dr. Debajyoti Kar introduces a compelling concept he terms the “success triangle,” a foundational framework underpinning the educational journey at PrepMed NEET. 

This model identifies three critical stakeholders: students, parents, and the educational institution’s service team. 

Each corner of this triangle plays an indispensable role in the holistic development and success of the educational experience, highlighting the interconnected nature of their relationships.

1. Students: They are at the core of the educational process, with their needs, aspirations, and feedback shaping the curriculum and teaching methodologies. Recognizing each student’s unique journey, Dr. Kar emphasizes the importance of personalized care and attention to ensure that educational content resonates on an individual level.

2. Parents: Their involvement and engagement in the educational process are crucial. Parents not only provide support and motivation to their children but also serve as vital feedback channels for institutions. By understanding parents’ expectations and concerns, institutions can align their offerings more closely with students’ needs, thereby enhancing the overall educational experience.

3. Educational Institution’s Service Team: This includes teachers, administrative staff, and support services, all of whom play a significant role in delivering quality education and fostering an environment conducive to learning. Dr. Kar highlights the importance of this team’s responsiveness to grievances and their role in implementing feedback from students and parents. Their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability ensures that the institution remains aligned with its educational mission and values.

The success triangle concept emphasizes the synergy required among these three groups. 

For an educational experience to be truly successful, there must be a harmonious interaction where 

  • Feedback is not only collected but acted upon.
  • Services are tailored to meet the evolving needs of students and parents.
  • Institution’s team is dedicated to providing an enriching, supportive environment. 

This approach fosters a community where each member feels valued and integral to the educational journey, leading to a more engaging, effective, and fulfilling learning experience.

The Role of MyOperator in Streamlining PrepMed NEET Communication Process

PrepMed NEET and MyOperator

While discussing the importance of CX in the education industry, Dr. Kar highlighted how MyOperator has been instrumental in streamlining communication processes at PrepMed NEET, ensuring that every interaction with students is as impactful as possible.

“Predominantly, we utilize MyOperator for gathering valuable feedback while simultaneously conducting outbound communication efforts,” he detailed, pointing out the dual utility of MyOperator in both garnering student feedback and facilitating outbound calling communication. 

With MyOperator’s dual application, PrepMed NEET successfully maintains a personal touch with each student, significantly improving the student experience and engagement.

PrepMed NEET success with MyOperator

“Technical tools like inbound and outbound calling, feedback analysis,  are one of the integral part when you are trying to create the impact in education sector”

Dr. Debajyoti Kar

PrepMed’s Review of MyOperator | Customer Speaks | MyOperator


The insights shared by Dr. Kar underscore a future where technology and empathy collaborate to create learning environments that not only educate but also empower. 

As we reflect on these learnings, let’s embrace the tools and philosophies that make such futures possible.

“Every student is different, it’s all about the care we offer,” Dr. Kar reminds us, emphasizing the essence of education as a service rooted in impact, understanding, and adaptability. 

With MyOperator’s IVR calling system playing a pivotal role in enhancing PrepMed NEET’s communication, the journey towards a more engaged and responsive educational experience becomes clearer.

We invite educational institutions to explore how MyOperator can streamline their communication processes, ensuring every student feels heard, valued, and inspired. Together, let’s transform education, one feedback at a time.

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