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Meta x MyOperator Event: 7+ Key Takeaways from MyOperator CEO Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain's event highlights
MyOperator / Blog / Meta x MyOperator Event: 7+ Key Takeaways from MyOperator CEO Ankit Jain

After the successful conclusion of the ‘Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator’ event, we are excited to bring you an in-depth look at one of the most impactful segments of the day – the opening presentation by Ankit Jain, CEO and Founder of MyOperator & Heyo Phone.

Known for his forward-thinking approach to business communication, Jain’s insights were a standout feature of the event that shed light on the latest trends and strategies in the industry.

Here’s a look back at the key insights shared by Ankit at ‘Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator’ Event:

1. The Evolution of Business Conversations:

MyOperator CEO shares insights at Meta x MyOperator Event

Ankit Jain opened his talk with a reflective question on our recent interactions with businesses via WhatsApp and calls, highlighting the omnipresence of these communication methods in our lives. 

He reminisced about the inception of MyOperator and its foundational belief in the power of conversation as the core of business interactions. Jain noted, “It was primarily about conversations,” a principle that remains vital today, despite the changing methods of communication.

“We are standing at a doorway of a big change coming in thanks to all popular LLMs or generative AIs.”

Ankit Jain’s Opening Keynote | Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator

2. Conversational Shift in Customer Experience:

He envisions a future where conversational formats will dominate, even transforming advertisements into interactive dialogues. This perspective signals a significant evolution in customer engagement strategies, moving towards more personalized, two-way communication between businesses and their customers.

3. WhatsApp as an All-in-one Platform: 

Jain reminisced on MyOperator’s journey from a call management system to a holistic omnichannel platform that integrates calls and WhatsApp. “I think for us today what we’d really love to do is to see a time when people are using WhatsApp for almost everything in all modes of communication right from booking the gas to booking train tickets to booking your metro tickets”​

4. The Impact of Generative AI:

A key highlight of Jain’s presentation was the role of generative AI in altering customer and business interaction behaviors. He expressed that we are at the cusp of a major shift, with AI influencing how businesses communicate and engage. “This is just the beginning,” Jain said, suggesting a future dominated by AI-driven conversations.

5. Balancing Calls and Messaging Platforms:

Jain discussed the importance of finding a balance between traditional voice calls and modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp. He argued that each medium has unique strengths – calls bring directness and personal touch, while messaging offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. Jain’s vision for MyOperator involves creating an integrated platform where these channels coalesce seamlessly.

“There is a perfect balance of call and WhatsApp, which is going to exist, which is going to drive the entire customer conversation journey.”

6. Understanding Generational Preferences in Communication

In his speech, he shared an interesting story about his cousin’s preferences for interacting with businesses, highlighting a generational shift towards messaging apps like WhatsApp for routine inquiries, while reserving voice calls for more pressing or complex issues. 

This personal story illustrates a broader trend: the evolving customer communication landscape requires a balanced approach. Businesses must adapt, combining the convenience of modern messaging platforms with the immediacy and personal connection of traditional calls.

7. The Future of Business Interaction

Jain’s forecast for the future of business interaction is centered around a seamless integration of traditional calls and modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp. He anticipates that this blend will be the driving force behind customer experiences, particularly in the realm of commerce. 

Citing research, Jain highlights the anticipated exponential growth in the conversational commerce sector, underlining the substantial impact this shift will have on the way businesses interact with their customers. 

8. AI is not a Disruptor but an Enhancer

“What we have right now is machines ruling our chat.” This encapsulates a significant shift in business communication, where AI is not a disruptor but an enhancer. 

His vision for MyOperator, and the wider business landscape, is one where AI enhances human communication, making it more efficient and personalized. 

“We thought we’ll have machines ruling our world. But I think, for good, we have machines ruling our chats. And I think that’s the future”

Call to Action:

As we contemplate Ankit Jain’s insights presented at the event, consider how your business can adapt to these emerging trends. 

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