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Hate selling? Here’s how to ace the race…

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Everyone lives by selling something. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Not everyone likes selling. It’s only a few people who actually passionate about promoting and convincing people to buy a product (sounds like a task to me). However, selling and purchasing are a part of the everyday life of all of us the only difference is that some of us have sales as a profession. It would be impractical to assume that every sales representative has a passion for sales. So if you are one of those who hate selling but still want to win in the field then you have come to the right place. 

Use these tips to make a mark in your team even if you hate selling:

Hate selling? Here's how to ace the race…
Hate selling? Here’s how to ace the race- MyOperator

Tell stories

If you find selling a monotonous and stressful activity then switch to the storytelling tactic. It’ll make you enthusiastic as who doesn’t like to talk about their life experiences? Moreover, it’ll also keep your customers engaged making selling easier for you due to the following reasons: 

We are preconditioned to storytelling 

For most of our lives, the experiences and encounters of our ancestors were passed down from one age to another user stories. As kids, we would be taught mannerisms using the stories of our elder siblings or other kids. 

Storytelling has always been how we shared everything from our values to our life lessons. Even as per Harvard’s study, our brain loves good storytelling, so it means that your customer would be enjoying every time you’ll be selling your product.

Convincing stories are easy to tell and retell

Highlights and list items can be hard to recollect for both you and your clients. Be that as it may, stories are simple. This is particularly significant when your underlying selling discussions are with a layman who does not understand business and technical language. 

If your customer wants to tell others about your business then also a story is a lot simpler method of conveying a message without leaving the important details. 

Stories create a passionate reaction 

In one of his smash hit books, Robert McKee states that “stories satisfy a significant human need to relate to one another.” When you share a real-life example it makes the customer feel connected and they share a story of their own with enthusiasm. That eventually helps you build a bond and selling becomes easier. You can see for yourself that storytelling trumps!

So, stories are amusing to tell, convincing to hear, create an enthusiastic customer reaction in a way that pitches never can. So start will storytelling right away!

Find people who want your product 

Do not treat sales as just a number game. You need to talk to several individuals before you finally find the people who need what you need to sell. This is how sales work, but people who hate selling do not have the patience to go through this plateaus path. Regardless of what books and motivational speakers say it is a difficult task to take a heap of No’s just for one ‘yes’. It is natural to get exhausted as well. So how to sell when you hate selling? 

To avoid facing several rejections you should do your research. Find out about your prospects whether they need your product or not, what problems are they facing, and how your products can solve them. When you will have answers to these questions you will be able to filter your prospects and also subsequently decrease the number of rejections.  

Today, there are a lot of advertising and sales tools that can help you find the right audience who probably needs what you need to sell. Running social media campaigns and outbound calling campaigns will help you effectively track down individuals who no doubt need what you are selling. These campaigns attract customers, so not only your workload will be reduced but will also bring customers to your doorstep. So need not worry if you hate selling the technology is here to rescue you. 

Help in decision making 

A salesperson’s job is very dynamic, it relies upon the decisions made by the customers. Conventional sales training only teaches you ‘how to sell’ (if that made you hate selling then it is totally understandable). Only a very little amount of attention is paid to the fact that you can also sell by helping/coaching a customer in buying a product. After all, it is the customer’s decision that determines if the deal will be closed or not. 

Purchasing a product requires directions and suggestions. You might hate selling but you wouldn’t hate solving a problem for someone (I’m certain). Selling will become 10 times easier when you will get the idea that you are ‘solving a problem instead of selling a product. 

Being a good help for one’s client (in decision making) is a vital yet undervalued job for salesmen to master.

Selling gets much simpler when customers believe that you are there to help them rather than there to sell your product. When you are in your customer’s team you both share a common objective. That objective is for them to settle on the best choice.

This is why customers readily talk with sales reps and even search them out. Sharing this objective with your customers removes the apprehension that customers have when they feel you’re not on their side. 

Sell your beliefs, not product 

One reason that you might loathe selling is that you feel that you have to prepare fictitious pitches and also recite them over and over again. But These pitches and slogans that you prepare to charm your clients might actually prevent them from buying your products. Mostly because they are conveyed in a robotic, and way too professional tone. 

These pitches do more harm than good. Firstly, they are not natural, thus you face a hard time convincing the customer to buy your product. Secondly, they do not leave an impact on a prospect’s mind as a solid personal belief would do. Lastly, it is exhausting for the sales representatives as well to go around saying the same thing in the same tone to hundreds of people. 

So, if you hate selling then stop selling the product. Start selling the idea of why you think one should buy from you. 

Be candid!

Selling does not have any rules. You do you when it comes to sales. Experiment with your selling techniques. Find the ways that work the best for you, explore different perspectives to selling, and be candid. 

I am sure you will start enjoying selling! 

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Srishti Panwar
Srishti is a Growth Marketer. She loves reading and writing. If she is not with the books, she is probably out playing badminton. She is a fitness enthusiast and likes to indulge in creative chores.

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