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Tiered support

Tiered support

In order to process incoming customer queries as effectively and efficiently as possible, a support center is set up in a manner known as tiered support. It is crucial to remember that all support levels should carry out their tasks in unison and adhere to a shared support center goal, purpose, and objectives.

Also, it is important to note that the organization, the management style, and the culture can all influence how many tiers there are and who the teams report to. No single plan needs to operate for all support centers; the structure should be customized to fit and function with your specific group.

Consider if account-based businesses like Netflix relied on customer service representatives to reset users’ passwords rather than bots. It would be exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to manage all of these scenarios.

Similar to how automating password resets is best, some problems are handled better by a generalist support team than by a team of highly-specialized individuals.

For example, at MyOperator an IVR service provider, by simply pressing the requested number on the keypad menu, callers can speak directly with the department they are interested in. As a result, the callers receive faster on-call assistance, and the team won’t even need to manually redirect the calls.

Tiered support makes sure that resources are deployed effectively to increase effectiveness, save expenses, boost customer service metrics, and provide users and support teams more flexibility.

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