Off Peak

In telecommunication and call center terms, off peak refers to the time period when the incoming call volume is normal or less than the busy hours. This is the time period where call center agents do their non-call related work such as documentation of a customer, training, data entry, report making etc. Normally, lunch and other breaks are scheduled keeping in mind the off peak for the call center. The meaning of off peak can be better understood when it is compared with peak, as commonly we use the term ‘peak hours’ a lot. Just like peak hours are the busiest hours similarly off peak is the less busy period of time.

Call management can become a very big problem in call centers during the peak, but it is equally important during the off peak. By using a call management system like MyOperator, businesses and call centers can automatically manage their incoming calls during both the peak and the off peak hours. Moreover, an intelligent IVR system can route business calls to the next available agents automatically. Due to this, the call center or business can reduce the dependency on their receptionist or the employee who answers the business calls.

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