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Call Management

Call management simply means managing incoming and outgoing phone calls using some software or computer applications. Call management is largely a business-only activity, as personal call management is not really necessary. Businesses use call management systems like MyOperator an ivr number provider to manage, track and record their business calls. It is an important activity because of the following reasons.

  • Businesses derive a lot of their business and revenue from phone calls. If they are not managed properly, it’s a loss for the business.
  • Missing business calls hurts a business and leads to loss of revenue. This can be avoided with good call center software management.
  • Tracking the number of calls, the efforts made by the sales team or telecallers, their productivity and their other factors helps improve the quality of the workforce and hence benefits the business.
  • Call Recording Software for business provided by call management systems allows businesses to evaluate and train their employees so that they can reward the performers and improve the weaker ones.

Good and effective call management is only possible with a good comprehensive cloud call center solution. Such a system would have at least the following features.

  • IVR system for better call routing and handling
  • 24×7 connectivity and near-zero down time
  • Call recording and tracking down to agent-level
  • Well maintained and neat call logging system
  • Various reports related to inbound and outbound calls

One must remember that call management in a business is only as good as its call management system.

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