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Call by call routing

Call by call routing is one of the several methods of call routing used at call centers that handle a high volume of incoming calls. When a call by call routing method is implemented, each call is routed to its optimum destinations on the basis of some real time factors. These factors can be network strength, network congestion, call volume being handled by the call center, agent availability, location, department selection etc. For each incoming call, the call routing or call management system checks a list of predefined parameters and then directs the call towards the desired agent or department.

For example, imagine you are calling a call center which has multiple branches across the country and it can handle calls in multiple languages as well. When you place the call, an interactive voice response or IVR system asks you for your preferred language, your location and the department you want to speak to. Based on these and some other factors defined by the call center, your call will be routed to the desired department at a branch near your location and to an agent who can converse in your preferred language. This is how call by call routing ensures that all the incoming calls at a call center are attended 24×7 by the right agent.

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