An agent, also known as a call center agent or call center representative, is a person responsible for attending to incoming calls in a business setup. They are mostly responsible for resolving customer-related issues, directing them to the respective departments if or when required. They are often considered as a crucial point of contact responsible for customer satisfaction making it imperative for the agent to have quick decision-making skills without compromising with the company policies. For example, when you call a certain customer care number, you might have come across an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that routes you to a certain department that concerns you. The person who receives your call to do the needful is an agent. 

In an organization, it is important to provide proper training to cope with high volume business calls on a real-time basis. If you manage a team of call center agents, it is crucial for you to keep a close tab on the recordings of the customer interactions with the agent to gauge their performance better. A holistic call management tool like call center software can not only help you keep track of all the calls in one place, but you can also map out their performance based on real-time call recording and reporting.

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