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9 reasons your business needs cloud call center technology

9 reasons your business needs cloud call center technology [MyOperator]
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Don’t you want more out of your business with less? 

Business communication plays a key role to power up both your sales and customer support capabilities. A lot of small to medium sized businesses (even the solopreneurs) have switched to cloud-based call center technology. Let’s find out why and how: 

More than half of the call centers today are running an old traditional technology to connect with their customers, which isn’t enough in this fast moving world where customers need 24×7 support. Businesses need to amp up their customer support game with the growing customer expectations and demands. Updated technology helps in providing a seamless customer experience which in turn helps in retaining customers and also keeps the business ahead in the competitive environment. 

There are still more than half of the call centers that are running on-premise call centers and maintaining critical customer data which are at the greater risk of getting lost. Every data is a treasure for the organization and no one can afford to lose it. But with cloud-based call center technology, there is no risk involved, only tons of benefits for customers as well as organizations.

Let’s get to know more about cloud-based call center technology and how it is better than on-premise call centers.

What is cloud call center technology?

A cloud-based call center is one in which call center technology is hosted and supported by a third-party provider in the cloud. The automated call distributor (ACD) and the Interactive Voice Response IVR system are common fundamental technologies in a cloud call center software.

A network-based or cloud-based service in which a provider owns and manages contact centre technology is known as cloud-based call centres. As a result, it may provide remote services to enterprises on a subscription basis. Cloud-based call centers provide an innovative method to address your company’s problems. They’re becoming more prevalent as a result of the advantages of having a solution that may be accessed as a service. 

In the last few years, the business sector has witnessed tremendous growth and improvement like never before because of the adoption of cloud-based services. It has proven to be beneficial not only for well successful businesses but also for start-ups. Cloud-based technology has given a lifeline for start-ups resulting in rapid growth.

Here is why you need cloud-based call center technology for your business?

9 reasons your business needs cloud call center technology

Enhance customer satisfaction and experience

Research about customer communication shows that a poor customer service experience leads to 38% customers switching to a competitor, cancelling orders and services, 66% of customers passing on about their bad customer service experience to their friends and family, 41% stops doing business with the company altogether.

Enhancing customer experience is one of the foremost reasons why your business needs a cloud-based call center. Just imagine as a customer that you are reaching out to an organization for something that you can’t find on their website or app, and you want to get connected with someone who can resolve your query. But you get stuck on hold or get infuriated with never-ending IVR. So would you still continue to use the services and buy products from the same company? No, right? 

That’s what happens to your customers when you deliver poor customer services and it directly impacts your business’s bottom line and also affects the buying decision of customers.

Integrating an IVR system with a CRM system is made easier with cloud telephony. This allows reps to access all client information and call history in one location. This allows your sales people to have encounters with consumers that are tailored to their preferences.

Higher flexibility in Business operations 

The scalability of cloud call center software is flexible and responsive to the needs because cloud-based services are paid-for, adding or deleting users is as easy and simple as cancelling a membership. To add to the advantages, cloud-based solutions enable agents to operate remotely with only a good internet connection, allowing them to provide 360 degree customer assistance as and when needed, regardless of their geographic location. 

Whereas with on-premise call centers, it makes it difficult to customise it according to the needs with time. And one of the biggest disadvantages of on-premise call centers is that the agents cannot work remotely, they have to sit on the desk 24*7 to assist the customers which makes it a grueling process.

Global domination

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based call centers is that you and your agents can work from any corner of the world. You don’t have to be tied to a desk to serve your customers. 

When you want to reach out to other nations and regions, cloud-based communications offers a large selection of local numbers and unbeatable dependability, thanks to global carrier connection. This helps you to avoid having to negotiate contracts with carriers in every country where you conduct business. You can receive quick multi-region connections and on-demand phone numbers from one platform because APIs are cloud-based. You can deliver a local experience from anywhere in the world, all thanks to its global infrastructure.

Enhanced reliability

One of the major differences between on-premise and cloud-based call centers is the quality of the call. The downside of on-premise systems is that in the event of a physical system failure, it has an impact on the call center’s overall performance.

While on the other side, a robust internet connection is required for cloud-based contact centers. As a result, your business will benefit from a strong internet connection that allows for smooth client service.

Intelligent routing

Nobody likes to wait in a long queue just to get in touch with an agent for the queries. With cloud-based call center technology, it becomes easy for you to route the customer calls to an appropriate agent. Intelligent routing helps you to connect your clients to the correct agent faster in an incoming contact center built with APIs. Attribute-based routing evaluates each caller’s demands and context before connecting them to the most qualified agent available who can meet those needs. Priority-based routing allows you to prioritize your most essential calls and get them to the front of the line. 

Grows with your business 

Cloud-based contact centres provide a scalable software solution that is only reliant on data servers. This cloud-based technology doesn’t need any external investment.

While one the other hand this is not the case with on-premise call centers. As your call center expands, you’ll need to scale the centers that support the workforce. The scalability of an on-premise call center is slow since it requires new hardware and architecture to run smoothly. 

So, it’s safe to say that cloud-based technology is one time investment and a lifetime of benefits.

Real-time analytics

Isn’t it difficult to keep track of all customers as well as your agents and their records at the same time? But with cloud-based call centers, it’s just as seamless as it can get. One of the crucial features of a call center is the capacity to acquire information about your clients.

Who is calling and for what work? Are your agents responding to them well? Are customers satisfied with your services? Who is attending whom and are their queries answered on time? You get to keep a track of everything from incoming calls, outgoing calls to the performance to agents  with the Live panel and Call tracking option you get with a cloud-based technology. 

You can simply monitor performance metrics like call times, satisfaction ratings, and average wait times using a data-rich dashboard. You may also create historical reports, analyse marketing efforts, assess department performance, and more, all of which can be used to improve your product over time.

Cost efficient

When compared to an on-premise call center or hardware-based system, cloud telephony services save you a lot of money because you don’t have to set up a phone system physically. There is no need for maintenance because there is no physical setup. Small and new businesses are constantly looking for methods to cut expenses, and switching to cloud telephony will be quite advantageous to them.

With simply a small investment, you may build a multichannel contact center by shifting communications away from hardware and into the world of cloud-based software. The majority of the businesses have seen a tremendous change by moving the existing on-premise system to cloud-based technology, and using the WhatsApp API can also save them a lot of money.

Easy management

Hardware-based systems need regular management that requires a colossal amount of money. 

Managing them on a regular basis can be an onerous task, isn’t it? This includes timely license regularisation, system maintenance, and updates for all relevant infrastructure. 

But guess what? This isn’t the case with the cloud-based call center because the most significant burden of maintaining hardware systems is gone, cloud-based contact centres require little management. This helps to enable a digital interaction model while lowering on-premise IT expenses and the associated complexity.

The bottom line

Today’s business environment necessitates flexible technologies and quick decision-making. To keep ahead of the competition, this leads to improved customer service. For customers, cloud contact centers have become the company’s face. 

Now that you know what are the top 9 benefits of cloud-based call center technology, it’s time you adopt this technology for your business instead of relying on an on-premise system. And you must be wondering where you can find all the features in one place. Let me make it easy for you, MyOperator provides the complete solution for cloud-based call center technology, offering toll free number, along with some amazing features that make work absolutely flawless for you and your business. Additionally, it offers cloud call center software, WhatsApp API integration, and IVR numbers for businesses.

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