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What happens when the customer care service industry meets the advancements of cloud technology like Cloud call center solution? 

The most common complaints that customers have about the call centers are the extended waiting time, slow call forwarding processes, delayed customer query redressal, repetitively agents asking for the same information and above all, not able to deliver the expected experience.   

Today, businesses are searching for different ways to sort out the unnecessary on-call waiting time to ensure faster query redressal. 

Cloud telephony is one of those advanced technologies whose execution is supposed to address probably all kinds of problems faced by the call centers today. 

That setup is what we precisely call cloud call center solution.

To be more precise, we are talking about the cloud telephony solutions such as virtual number, toll free number, automated IVR, call routing and live call transfer being utilized by present call centers to address significant customer care service issues and to deliver enhanced customer service experience. 

There are multiple benefits that are exclusively available with cloud-based call center solutions:

  1. Businesses can ensure full-time data availability.
  2. Cut down extra operational costs.
  3. Provide smooth and enhanced customer care service.

Provide smooth and enhanced customer care service. 

Businesses are looking forward to the options such as cloud-based call center for reducing their infrastructural cost and ensure better customer reachability.

Cloud-based call center unfolds a wide range of benefits which are important for enhanced customer service experience.  

Now that you’ve got the gist of cloud call center solutions, let’s understand it in detail as well.

What is a cloud call center solution?

Cloud call center is the virtual equivalent to the traditionally installed on-premise hardware for managing calls. It makes the functionality of call center more accessible to potential customers than the conventional call center system. 

Herein, the cloud call center can utilize the technology of cloud telephony that comes along with integrated and essential features such as IVR number to give that professional voice edge to your customers, a live panel to see a clear picture of business calls, call routing for forwarding the right calls to the right departments or agents. 

All these benefits come along with a virtual number or a Indian toll free number. There are multiple numbers mapped behind a toll free number. It makes easier to forward important calls to the right agents or departments. 

Apart from these essential features, toll-free numbers help customers to reach out to the business customers. If you’re wondering how to get toll free number, there are various providers and services available to assist you in obtaining one.

In the present day’s web-based world, cloud call center solution provides easy access to the services which are essential for business communication such as quick connectivity, better outreach, and swift customer query redressal. 

What are the benefits of a cloud call center solution?

Cloud call center solution garners the potential of a business to outreach its customers without any geographical restrictions. Until now, the old traditional system used to give limited customer outreach options that too with the sufficient amount invested in the installation of the offline hardware. 

However, the cloud telephony setup will give your business all the perks of a call center but with no disadvantages attached to the same.

cloud call center solution - infographic

Here are some benefits that our cloud call center solution will provide your business and empower you to set up a cloud-based mini call center for your call handling:

1. Easier scalability:

Cloud call center solution allows your business to scale and expand without any extra investment on bulky hardware. In cases where businesses have to add more agents to the team or move to a different location or a country altogether, cloud call center software won’t prove to be burdensome.

2. Enhanced reliability: 

With swift cloud-based call center solutions, your business can avail the opportunity for your customers to reach out to your support redressal easily that too with minimal chances of experiencing a delay in their resolution.

3. Cost-effective module:

Setting up a call center solution is way less hectic procedure than installing bulky on-premise hardware. It’s absolutely cost-effective because your business can save that unnecessary amount invested in the installation and maintenance of bulky hardware. 

4. Top-notch security:

Cloud-based call center solution offers more reliable data security as it is completely stored and backed up in the cloud which enables data encryption, real-time admin control, and server security. Tested authorization is crucial when it comes to the cloud call center phone software, therefore, it comes with multiple security levels. 

5. Negligible downtime:

Traditionally installed hardware is prone to break down in crucial situations and typically takes an ample amount of time in processing. However, with cloud call center setups, it has negligible downtime and ensures no call loss for your business.

6. Up-to-date system integration: 

Unlike traditional hardware, cloud telephony facilitates your users to stay updated with current technological updates and empower your team to bring in the required automation and simplification. Your business can then easily upgrade your software to be in-line with the current features available. 

7. Performance analysis and data availability:

You can track, record and analyze the performance of your agents with detailed reports availed by cloud call center solution. It is designed in a way to provide you with a user-friendly experience along with comprehensive reports of recorded and timely tracked calls. 

8. Business availability:

Your business can easily ensure 24*7 availability for your customers with a cloud-based call center solution. With traditional hardware round-the-clock availability is difficult to fulfill as it expects the team to stay on the laptop at all times. Hence, with cloud technology, advancement in customer care service is significantly ensured by your business. 

Cloud call center v/s on premise infrastructure 

There are multiple benefits that you as a business owner can get with a cloud call center solutions powered by cloud telephony. Here are the subtle differences between the cloud-based call center solution and on-premise setup for your business. 

difference between cloud call center solution and on-premise solution

These benefits of cloud telephony that can be availed by your business to bring a mini-call center like setup. A cloud-based call center solution enhances your business scalability and enables you to provide satisfactory customer service experience. 

Utilizing these facilities can prove beneficial for the betterment of your overall business communication. There are multiple benefits that cloud call center solution provides and if utilized properly, businesses can garner the potential to provide exceptional customer care experience. Get your cloud call center solution with MyOperator who offers seamless integration with the WhatsApp Business API, and unlock the world of swift and efficient business communication

Cloud call center
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