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6 industries that must have a call tracking system

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Did you know that NOT attending your business calls could hurt your revenue?

Wondering how? I’ll tell you!

Missing calls amounts to losing prospects and hence losing out on profits. It displeases your customers and makes them go to your competitors. Imagine if your clients started leaving you just because you kept missing their calls and never reached back to them.

Statistically it was observed that new customers who received a busy signal and weren’t answered went to other companies. The reputation that your business has building over the years will diminish in no time.

This is where the usefulness of a call management system counts!

If you are keen to upgrade your customers’ experience just by managing and tracking calls, then this article is addressing you.

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Here are the list of industries that used MyOperator and benefitted at various ends of call management. Take a look!

Real estate sector

Buying a house is a big decision. While getting forms filled is a good way to find out potential clients, but in this fast paced world, not everyone has the time. Here is where the option to call comes into play. You are probably aware that conversions aren’t going to happen online. Right? No client will search for houses and just click on buy now without enquiring thoroughly. A person who really wants to purchase a house will call a real estate agent.

Given this, do you now realise the benefit of a calling tracking system for your business? Well a call tracking system is required to keep a track on leads so that they ultimately convert. It is to make sure no business opportunity gets missed.

Tours and travels

A business in this sector is likely to get a lot of traffic from people who browse their site and call when interested. I personally cannot recall the last time I didn’t call a hotel, to ensure my bookings were done right.

If you have a business in this sector you are likely to know the worth of a call. But have you realised that all your efforts could go down the drain if you do not keep a track of your business calls? Wondering how? Well it is because until these calls are tracked you will not know what activities are driving traffic towards your site and as a result you could lose out on potential conversions.

Food and hospitality

Nowadays, people can get food from their favorite restaurants just through a phone call, to say nothing of the ghost kitchens. So, if you have a business in this field, you are probably aware that your restaurant’s reputation depends on your customer feedback. Right? Because not answering calls is equivalent to keeping your customers unhappy, there are circumstances when a call is missed due to some employee’s absenteeism or because the person in charge wasn’t present when the call was made.

However, through a call tracking system your business can get back to those customers whose calls went unanswered. This helps to build the brand image and reputation of your business. Why do you want to lose business opportunities when you can capitalize on them through a call tracking system?

Educational sector

You probably know that education is important for a person’s career and could change lives, isn’t it? If your business provides educational services , then you are well aware of the fact that until the students’ queries are answered, they might move on to universities with improved response rate. Moreover, a phone call could be made anytime even after working hours. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss a single call if you want to build a brand name.

Competition in this sector could become intense, therefore a call tracking system is a must. It enables institutions to track calls of their potential students. Also, when such educational institutions follow up with interested students, it generates a positive vibe and increases word of mouth publicity. This will eventually increase the number being registered with the institutions.


A person may fall ill or have an injury anytime therefore hospitals cannot afford to miss appointment calls as it’s their responsibility to cater to the needs of their patients.

If your business deals in this sector then a call tracking system is a must for you. Patient calls may overlap at a single point in time, therefore keeping a track of them and timely following up with them can help you cater to their requirements faster. Also, a call tracking system facilitated with call recording can help you understand and revert to their queries faster.


An NGO works for the social well being of the entire society. Just like other businesses, an NGO is a helping hand towards building a better society. Therefore, tracking a single problem call may lead to a Utopian society.

Through a call tracking system you can keep a track on your callers 24*7. You will be in a better position to differentiate a potential caller from one that’s not.This will also help you utilise your resources in a better way as you now need to focus on potential and existing callers and not on everyone.

An efficient call tracking system is the essence of every business. Please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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