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*2 is not just key press, it’s elegant customer response

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MyOperator / Blog / *2 is not just key press, it’s elegant customer response

In a century of inexorable development, ‘Making life simpler’ is the cosmopolitan motto. Before, you shake your head; thinking of the numerous difficulties that, you feel, life has thrown at you, think about this: We probably don’t realize how easy our life is today, because we haven’t lived through those of our counterparts, who existed 5 decades ago.

It goes without saying this applies to the telephony sector as well. In the primeval days of customer communications, the processing of customer calls and providing just the right customer response was pretty darn tedious. If a customer were, for example, to dial the number of the sales section, by mistake, instead of the number of the service section, he would receive an abrupt ‘Nay’, would be asked to note down the telephone number of the service section, after which he had to redial the number and wait for the service guy to answer.

[pullquote align=”right”] Watch an illustration of ‘Live Call Transfer’ [/pullquote]

This irksome procedure, wasted the time of both the customer and the service executive, and contributed a fair share to the skepticism in customer servicing procedures, then.

Today, as I said before, life is a tad easier. One of cloud telephony’s most liberating and pragmatic features is the ‘call transfer’ option. This option facilitates the transfer of ‘live’ calls or the ‘on record’ calls to an customer service executive in a different department simply by dialing the number ‘*2’ followed by the extension.


For example, let us assume ‘Airall’ is your mobile’s network service provider and a MyOperator user.

  1. You call their common customer relations team by dialing the toll-free number listed on MyOperator (which is on MyOperator)
  2. The IVR solutions (the automated voice that you here when you call such numbers) list out the options in the menu panel, say “Press 1 for Queries” , “Press 2 for Bill Amount” ,” Press 3 for Special Offers”.
  3. You tap on ‘2’, hoping that you can change your bill plan (which is related to both to your bill amount and the plan you’re looking for)
  4. Now, the guy in the ‘Bill Amount’ department agrees to give you your bill amount, but feels the staff in the ‘Special Offers’ department might be able to give you insights into better plans that you could adapt.
  5. Does he hang-up on you after giving you a separate number to call? Nope. He asks you to wait politely, and puts your call on hold, while dialing the extension to the required sector, say ‘*206’.

In about a matter of seconds, you are connected to the department of your choice. No waiting, no hesitation, no hanging up on customer’s calls, making you appear disorganized.


-> You receive a seamless service.

-> The company did not incur extra arrangement cost

What MyOperator does here:

-> Provides this live call transfer with your IVR

-> Keeps the cost amazingly low!

-> Ensures all time availability

That is why ‘*2XY’ is not only a series of numbers, but also a good business practice. Conserving time, it encourages your customers, clients and well-wishers to call you more often, impressing a sense of efficiency and systematic. Encouraging frugality, it increases your ROI (Return on Investment), as the less you need to talk, the less money your telephony account costs.

  Accelerating the adoption of Cloud telephony for your business is a strategic move that promises to bring about numerous benefits. The implementation of this cutting-edge call center software and cloud call center solution is synonymous with heightened efficiency, seamless communication, and enhanced customer experiences.

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