Virtual telephony system for smart business calls management

Virtual telephony system for your business

Virtual telephony system is a cloud-based business call management system. Unlike old-fashioned phone systems, virtual telephony systems work online. You can deploy cloud-based virtual telephony for your business in a few minutes. Virtual telephony puts the power of the business phone system right on your smartphone. That means you and your team can stay connected with customers and clients from any location. Connectivity on-the-go means 24*7 support and flexibility to work from anywhere. With a virtual telephony system, you can manage your calls better. And yes, enjoy all the advanced call management features like call recording, call tracking, and much more!

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Benefits of MyOperator virtual telephony system

On-the-go call management

Virtual telephony puts the power of a full-fledged business phone system in the hands of your support agents. With a virtual telephony setup, they can attend customer and client calls right on their smartphones without revealing their personal number. Whether your support agents work from home, cafe, park, or an office, they can get the job done. And yes, to draw clear lines between work and playtime, the working hours feature comes in handy so that your team members can plug off during non-work hours. During non-work hours, custom IVR menu and voicemail facility can take care of incoming calls.

Virtual telephony system for On-the-go call management

24*7 uptime & availability

Managed on the cloud, virtual telephony systems have an uptime of more than 99.99%. That means there is hardly any time when systems are down. With close to 100% uptime, your customers and clients can call you any time. You can be assured that no call is being missed. During working hours, all incoming calls are transferred to the available support agents. Post office hours, callers are provided with the facility to leave a voice message. So, once your team is back the next day, all missed calls and voice messages can be timely followed-up, ensuring a 100% response rate and 100% customer satisfaction.

Virtual telephony system for 24*7 uptime & availability

Instant set up. Easy scalability.

No wires, no machine, only a PC or a smartphone — that's all you need to set up a cloud-based virtual telephony system for your business. The entire set up of virtual telephony runs in the cloud. You neither need hardware nor any capital expenditure. All the updates are delivered over the cloud. So, there is no maintenance cost as well. The best part, virtual telephony works best for teams of all sizes. Whether you are a one-person support team or a team of thousands of support agents, all can be mapped to a single virtual telephony system in seconds.

Virtual telephony system for Instant set up. Easy scalability

Remote supervision dashboard

Remote working is on the rise. If you are managing your business operations with a remote team or planning to make a move to remote working, you will love built-in remote supervision features in MyOperator virtual telephony system. With the live panel, you can monitor every support agent's performance and step in for guidance, wherever required. In the live panel, you can track calls, see who is working on what, number of calls received, call attended, and calls missed — all in one place. The call recording feature also comes in handy to have a quality check on the agent performance and use good recordings for training purposes.

Virtual telephony system for Remote supervision dashboard

Better productivity with advanced features

With a custom IVR menu and smart call routing feature, incoming calls are automatically transferred to the right person in the correct department, without any human intervention. That saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted with the manual call transfer process. You can also integrate virtual telephony systems with other tools and software you might already be using like CRM software. Such integrations make sure that your team spends no time in manually updating the database and use as much time as possible handling customer and client issues. That means productive and smart workflow, no redundant tasks, and greater job satisfaction.

Virtual telephony system for Better productivity with advanced features

Better marketing

Virtual telephony system’s welcome greeting feature lets you set up a custom welcome greeting for your callers. So, instead of a “tring-tring,” you can greet your customers with a personalized message. That creates a brand impact. You can add as many agents and departments as possible on a single virtual telephone number and use one contact number in all your marketing campaigns for a consistent brand presence. Besides, remarketing features allow you to connect with the people who are genuinely interested in your products and services and are already looking out for you. A virtual telephony system is not only a surefire way to boost your customer experience but also your marketing efforts and overall revenue.

Virtual telephony system for Better marketing

Features of MyOperator virtual telephony system

Virtual telephony system for Live panel

Live panel

Everything you need for smart call management, analytics, and supervision — in one place.

Virtual telephony system for all recording

Call recording

All calls recorded and stored on a secure cloud for quality performance and training purposes.

Virtual telephony system for call routing

Call routing

Connect customers and clients with the right agents depending on a set of factors, including time and location

Virtual telephony system for remote teams

Remote teams

Connect agents from different locations and let your team attend calls and work from anywhere.

Virtual telephony system for ivr menu

IVR menu

Welcome callers with custom greetings and connect different departments on a single line.

Virtual telephony system for remarketing


Connect with prospective customers and clients who have already interacted with your business.

MyOperator is an excellent provider of virtual telephony system

Premier customer support

At MyOperator, we ensure round-the-clock support for all customers. We treat every call as an opportunity to solve a problem for our customers and strengthen our relationships. That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the faith that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. As MyOperator customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need technical help, need to add a new feature, or need any help with your virtual telephony system, you can always call us +91 92129 92129 and our customer support team will be with you with a solution.

Virtual telephony system for Premier customer support

Best-in-class virtual telephony system

MyOperator is India’s first cloud-based call management system. The virtual telephony system of MyOperator comes prepackaged with industry-standard factors as well as rare features like live call transfer and remarketing. With a live call transfer facility, your agents can transfer customers calls to other agents without disconnecting the call, ensuring faster resolution of customer issues on a single call. Besides, MyOperator virtual telephony system has all the features that your business needs and all that you probably can think of. That’s not all. We continuously invest in innovation and deliver seamless updates to make our systems even better for our customers like you. So, you can expect better of the very best, always.

Virtual telephony system for Best-in-classes

12,000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

bharat petroleum

Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience.


This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly bought productivity improvement of the HR team and allowed them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the virtual telephony system and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

Can I connect my current number with MyOperator virtual telephony system?
Yes. We can connect all your current numbers to our virtual telephony system. So, you will not miss a single call coming on your old phone numbers.
While the technical set up takes only a few minutes, the complete set up is usually completed in less than one business day due to the completion of onboarding formalities.
No. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the MyOpetrator virtual telephony system. Our virtual telephony system is designed with an app-like experience. If you can use your smartphone, you can use virtual telephony. As simple as that!
Yes, of course. We offer a free 3-day trial of our virtual telephony system. So, you can get hands-on experience in our virtual telephony system without paying a single penny!
For any other queries regarding the virtual telephony system, please call us on MyOperator toll-free number +91 92129 92129.