About Tree Craze Foundation

The Tree Craze Foundation is a prominent nonprofit organization that has been inspiring children and young people to take responsibility for their environment and protect rivers for many years through its activities. Their objective is to nurture environmentally conscious individuals. Every initiative run by the Tree Craze Foundation has one common goal: "Rivers of today for people of tomorrow, people of today for rivers of tomorrow."

Problem Statement

The Tree Craze Foundation's form of business communication before the implementation of MyOperator was a conventional telephone system for receiving and placing calls.

Their yearly program Ganga Quest, which takes place from March to June, gets them several phone calls from people with questions about Ganga Quest.

As a result of its shortcomings, such as the unavailability of the agent, them being on vacation, or the fact that it was a holiday, they were missing out on a lot of customer calls.

The primary challenges the Tree Craze Foundation faced prior to merging with MyOperator Virtual Numbers are:

  • Incapable of keeping track of client calls and providing a complete database of callers.
  • Unable to improve the efficiency of their entire customer communication.

The Solution

Tree Craze Foundation required a virtual number and a call management system for their incoming and outgoing calls so they could trace their callers and build a comprehensive database of them. MyOperator offered them a full-featured call management system with the following capabilities as a solution:

IVR system: To offer a "Helpline Number" for their NGO so that their consumers can easily contact them, to address the non-availability of agents, and to guarantee a callback.

Virtual phone number: To make it easier to handle several calls at once.

Outbound Services (Dialer App): Their agents received a dialer app, which enabled them to promote one common number for their outgoing calls as well as mask their personal numbers. Furthermore, it assisted in database maintenance and enabled their management to keep track of the calls made by their team.

Key Results

  1. Effective agent monitoring with a real-time updated report
  2. Gaining timely follow-up on missed calls
  3. Able to implement timely improvements in their team performance
  4. Auditing phone calls effectively

Customer speaks

MyOperator's service is really nice and helpful for us. We have been using this software for the last 3 years for our office regular use and Ganga Quest and CLAP4Ganga program.

- Rajan, Accounts and Admin Officer, Tree Craze Foundation

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