About TopHire

TopHire is a recruitment marketplace connecting the top tech talents with technology and product companies in India. The platform features a curated showcase of software engineers, product managers, and data scientists every two weeks, ensuring candidates are both exceptional in their skills and ready for interviews.

Problem Statement

Tophire, as a new-age tech-driven recruitment firm, required a solution to help address:

  • Difficulty in tracking and managing numerous candidate-client conversations.
  • Account and hiring managers find it challenging to monitor their team interactions.
  • Limited means of providing feedback and retrieving essential information about candidates or client requirements.
  • Lack of an organised system for recording and reviewing recruitment calls.

The Solution:

  • Adopted MyOperator to transition from traditional calling (regular phone and SIM card) methods to a streamlined, tech-driven solution.
  • Leveraged the call recording and tracking module to facilitate detailed insights into candidate-interviewer interactions.
  • Utilised the MyOperator CRM integration APIs to connect their in-house CRM. This helped take notes seamlessly during calls, enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment process.
  • Explored personalised post-confirmation support, going beyond typical recruiter tasks to offer a comprehensive candidate experience.
MyOperator with TopHire

The Results

  • Significant impact on ground-level operations with improved tracking and recording of conversations.
  • Efficient feedback mechanisms and access to call recordings improved the overall recruitment process.
  • MyOperator's call recording feature addressed the challenge of remembering details from extensive calls.
  • A more organised and productive communication system positively impacted the recruiter's day-to-day activities.
  • MyOperator facilitated efficient follow-ups and served as an invaluable tool for obtaining in-depth insights into each candidate's background.
  • Streamlined post-interview and hiring processes, the screening process proved highly effective with MyOperator; offering detailed understanding of candidates' preferences and backgrounds.

Customer speaks

Transitioning from traditional calling methods to MyOperator has significantly impacted our recruitment process. The call recording and tracking module has proven invaluable in managing candidate-client interactions. The personalised post-confirmation support provided by MyOperator goes beyond the typical recruiter tasks, creating a positive impact on candidates' lives. This comprehensive solution has reduced candidate ghosting rates and elevated our overall recruitment experience.

- Sagarika Gujar, Associate Director, TopHire

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