About KV Developers (KVD)

KV Developers (KVD) builds upscale city projects with unmatched lifestyles in the NCR based on cutting-edge and futuristic designs. The environmentally conscious KVD has strong business ties with ISO 9001:2008 certification in addition to being a member of important industry organizations like CREDAI, NAREDCO, BAI, ASSOCHAM, & CII.

Problem Statement

One of the largest industries in India is real estate due to the country's diverse population and growing aspirations . It is crucial that these businesses improve how they handle customer calls to be differentiated from the tough competition in this sector. KV Developers needed a reliable and consistent communication system that could keep track of customer data. The business would use this information at the end of each fiscal year to plan its marketing initiatives and make the necessary modifications.

KV developers wanted a call management system which could:

  • Lessen the call drop
  • Connect effectively to their prospects and stakeholders.
  • Manage a comprehensive customer database for auditing purposes.

The Solution

MyOperator helped KV developers by offering a powerful communication system that could aid them in overcoming their current difficulties. KV Developers activated an 1800 toll-free number with MyOperator.

KV developers leveraged MyOperator's a call management system which to:

  • Audit and manage the database of call logs
  • Manage all calls without manual efforts.
  • Reconnect with prospects through SMS marketing.

The Results

With MyOperator’s Omni-channel communication Solution, KV Developers was able to witness:

  1. Reduced their call drop rates
  2. Able to keep track of their connected and missed calls.
  3. Scale customer engagement 5X with voice broadcasting and SMS

Customer speaks

We are using MyOperator toll-free service to have better connectivity with our customers without any cost barriers. We really appreciate the technology used by them to serve their clients with effective reports and analysis.

- KV Developers

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