About Healing Hospital

Healing Hospital, a leading Super-Specialty Hospital dedicated to providing top-notch and affordable healthcare services in Tricity Chandigarh. Their goal is to meet the various requirements of their patients by providing exceptional, all-inclusive, and reasonably priced healthcare services. As an academically focused healthcare delivery system, it caters to patients, physicians, and employees.

Problem Statement

One of the key challenges faced by Healing Hospital was the need for an effective solution to address the issues related to call tracking and operator training. They faced multiple challenges to guarantee effective communication and efficient handling of patient queries and interactions.

The Solution:

Healing Hospital utilised MyOperator call tracking solution to address the challenges they were facing. This led to:

  • Enhance in efficiency of overall communication
  • Simplification of operator training
  • Improve in call tracking
MyOperator WhatsApp Dashboard with The Healing Hospital

The Results

Here’s how Healing Hospital witnessed significant improvements in its sales and CX:

  • Customer calls increased by about 20%
  • On-call orders and deals raised by 20%
  • Efficiency of on-call agents improved by 40%
  • End-to-end tracking of Marketing ROI

Customer speaks

Before adopting this solution, we struggled with call tracking and operator training. Since adopting MyOperator, we've seen a remarkable 20% boost in customer calls and on-call orders. The efficiency of our on-call agents has soared by 40%. MyOperator has undeniably brought huge improvements and benefits to Healing Hospital. We highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their call management and operational efficiency.

- Mohd Aadil, IT Executive, Healing Hospital

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