About Gibraltar

Gibraltar Airsprings Private Limited is India's first 100% Indian air spring manufacturer. They are known for high-quality, error-proof products and offer cost-effective solutions. Their in-house facilities handle design, R&D, manufacturing, testing, and validation. They operate an eco-friendly air spring plant with an integrated production facility.

Problem Statement:

Gibraltar faced challenges with efficiently monitoring its channels of communication. To properly handle interactions with customers, they required an approach that is:

  • Systematic
  • Transparent
  • Verifiable

Their current system could have been more effective and occasionally led to crucial communications being misplaced or mismanaged. Gibraltar needed a solution that ensured professional and well-managed customer interactions by providing accountability and traceability for all conversations.

The Solution

Gibraltar partnered with MyOperator to address these issues, making use of their cloud telephony solutions. This integration offered a structured, automated approach for handling inquiries from clients.

Call recording was one of the aspects of the solution that helped maintain professionalism and accountability. Through the use of MyOperator platform, Gibraltar's sales team was able to:

  • Effectively handle all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Guarantee that no calls were missed
  • Every customer interaction was traceable and recorded
MyOperator IVR and WhatsApp Dashboard

The Results

Gibraltar's operations experienced significant improvements such as:

  • Reduced the need for a receptionist.
  • Increased accountability and traceability for all communications.
  • Ensured all calls were recorded and traceable.
  • Made the system easy to operate, even for non-technical staff.
  • Ensured no calls went unanswered, with the ability to call back missed calls.
  • Provided valuable analytics and reports for better decision-making.
  • Helped in allocating shifts based on call patterns.
  • Offered a cost-effective solution with nominal fees.

Customer Speaks:

Our onboarding procedure has improved since we partnered with MyOperator.. Their seamless integration has made our operations more efficient and cost-effective. We never miss a lead due to their automated system, allowing us to focus on providing better customer service. We've seen genuine improvements in customer engagement and operational success with the help of MyOperator.

- Arpan Basu, Director- Marketing & Product Development, Gibraltar Airsprings Private Limited

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