About Cable Net Pariseba

Cable Net Pariseba is a leading internet service provider catering to both commercial and home users. Committed to delivering reliable and high-speed internet solutions, Cable Net Pariseba has established a strong presence in the market, ensuring seamless cable connectivity for its diverse customer base.

Problem Statement

Before using MyOperator, Cable Net Pariseba had a tough time keeping track of sales and support calls. They didn't have a proper solution to record and monitor conversations. This made it difficult to monitor customer interactions.

Other challenges include:

  • Use of separate cell numbers for calls resulted in communication issues.
  • Difficulties in ensuring a uniform and reliable client experience.

The Solution:

MyOperator emerged as the ideal solution for Cable Net Pariseba's communication challenges. By offering a centralised platform for call tracking and recording, MyOperator enabled the company to streamline its sales and support operations. The platform helped Cable Net Pariseba bring all customer communications together, making their service delivery more efficient and effective.

The Cable Net Pariseba- MyOperator Success Story

The Results

  • A centralised communication infrastructure with an advanced call recording and monitoring system.
  • Gain real-time data insights to understand and optimise communication patterns.
  • Seamless sales and support operations, boosting overall team efficiency.

Customer speaks

Before using MyOperator, tracking sales calls and recording support conversations was a challenge. MyOperator has transformed our communication management. Now, with a centralised platform, we can efficiently track calls and record interactions, significantly improving our sales processes and customer support services.

- Sudhi Ranjan Das, Business Partner, Cable Net Pariseba

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