About The Brownie Studio

The Brownie Studio, established in 2017 in Chennai, is renowned for baking scrumptious brownies in town. From modest beginnings as a home bakery, it has quickly grown into a successful chain of dessert shops with over 100,000 happy customers and a committed staff of talented bakers.

Problem Statement

Key Challenges Faced Before Using MyOperator call solutions include:

  • Inability to monitor the details of customer inquiries and repeated cases.
  • Difficulty in tracking the number of daily calls and identifying missed calls.
  • Lack of visibility into which team member was handling each call.

The primary modes of customer communication were normal phone calls. However, the business faced issues with call quality due to network problems, and storing a large number of call recordings became a storage challenge for the Brownie Studio

The Brownie Studio- MyOperator Success Story

The Solution

MyOperator provided a call management solution to The Brownie Studio's challenges by offering the following benefits:

  • Enhanced call monitoring, allowing the company to track and analyze customer interactions.
  • Improved call quality and reduced issues related to network problems.
  • Streamlined call recording and storage, making it more manageable and efficient.

Key Results

Since implementing MyOperator IVR, The Brownie Studio has experienced remarkable improvements:

  • Approximately a 50% increase in the volume of customer calls.
  • About a 60% increase in on-call orders and deals.
  • A 40% increase in the efficiency of on-call agents in handling business calls.
The Brownie Studio- MyOperator Success Story

Other Key Benefits of MyOperator Call Management Solutions

  • The Brownie Studio emphasized the exceptional customer service and support provided by MyOperator.
  • The company had been utilizing MyOperator's services for a year and a half and encountered minimal issues with the IVR service.
  • Any challenges that did arise were promptly addressed and resolved by the MyOperator team.
  • MyOperator consistently surpassed their expectations, showcasing a dedicated commitment to delivering top-notch assistance.

Customer speaks

We've been using MyOperator's services for a year and a half now. With respect to the IVR service, we hardly had any issues. Even if we had, it was sorted in a few minutes at most. Their knowledge and approach have consistently exceeded my expectations. It's clear that they are committed to delivering top-notch assistance. I'm truly impressed and grateful for their excellent support.

- Shalini Arun, Founder, The Brownie Studio

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