About Lotus Herbals

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Lotus Herbals has grown to become a well-known global personal care brand. The company operates numerous stores all over the world and offers a selection of more than 400 products. Lotus Herbals, a company with headquarters in New Delhi, successfully exports its cosmetic goods to more than 16 nations. The company is a pioneer in the D2C skincare space.

Problem Statement

Lotus Herbals advertises its customer service number on numerous online and offline venues and therefore encounters a huge volume of phone calls on a daily basis. They had a traditional dialing system for business communications.

Their challenges:

  • They were missing many consumer calls as call handling was not automated/ distributed
  • Besides, Lotus Herbals lacked the information about their missed calls that would have allowed for follow-up contact.
  • Their calls were manually moved from one agent to another due to a lack of automation, which reduced both employee productivity and consumer satisfaction.
  • Lotus Herbals saw a pressing need for a solution that would streamline and automate their customer call processing in this situation

The Solution

Lotus Herbals reached out to MyOperator with the requirement of simplifying their business call handling and boosting on-call orders.

As a resolution, MyOperator provided the skincare leader with a full-fledged call management system inclusive of features like Virtual phone number for their multiple departments and agents and an IVR to ensure faster on-call resolution and eliminate manual transferring of calls.

Key Results

With MyOperator’s IVR and Virtual Number Integration, Lotus Herbals has witnessed

  1. 54% increase in their customer calls.
  2. 58% increase in their on-call deals/closures.
  3. Reduced missed calls, timely follow-up on missed numbers (if any), and proper tracking of their business calls.
  4. Real-time updated call reports with assured call recording and tracking.

Customer speaks

An efficient, professional and seamless service. Earlier it was difficult to follow up on our missed customer calls. Now we don't face any such issue & customer complaints have been reduced which is quite an accomplishment in our business.

- Lotus Herbals

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