About Cleardekho

ClearDekho.com is a well-known eyewear retailer in India. It is a platform that offers a large variety of affordably priced eyewear options to people throughout India by seamlessly fusing both online and offline eyewear shopping experiences. To date, they have opened about 45 franchise stores in North India and sold more than 100,000 pairs of eyeglasses. Their mission is to help the general public improve their vision.

Problem Statement

Every day, the business receives more than hundreds of calls from both clients and potential franchise partners. ClearDekho had a landline number listed as their customer service number before the adoption of the MyOperator solution, and as a result, they received all of their business calls on a landline phone system.

Their Challenges

  1. Due to the inadequacies of the previous system, the team used to experience a high number of missed calls.
  2. There were either no agents available to answer the phone or there was another call already in progress.

Therefore, CleaDekho required a solution that would not only make handling business calls simpler, but also enable them to manage their on-call conversations effectively.

The Solution

ClearDekho reached out to MyOperator concerning their need for automation and usability in their business call handling. MyOperator provided them with a virtual helpline number and an IVR that routed incoming calls to their representatives' cell phones. This reduced the possibility that any client calls would go unanswered by enabling their staff to handle multiple calls at once.

With automatic call routing, ClearDekho was really able to guarantee a 24-hour response time for customer calls, and that too without pinning the employees to their desks. Additionally, they were able to efficiently audit their on-call conversations using our call monitoring and call recording technologies and quickly apply team performance improvements.

Key Results

  1. 38% increase in customer calls once they could handle many calls at once.
  2. 35% rise in on-call orders every month.

Customer speaks

We needed a voice platform that could keep up with our business needs. MyOperator offered the exact and even more effective features we required, such as a centralized number and IVR. And, they certainly provided the best and finest onboarding experience we ever saw.

- ClearDekho

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