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call routing solution for business.
call routing solution

What is Call Routing Solution?

Call routing solution is a cloud telephony backed solution which is primarily used to enhance your customer’s calling experience by providing them faster on-call resolution. By directing the call to their respective agent, will call routing in place, you can significantly increase your team productivity and improve your customer satisfaction. Through call routing process you can design a smart way of handling your business calls which would involve minimal manual effort, upgrade your caller’s experience and help you build a strong brand image in front of your customers.

Simplify your business call handling with call routing solution

Prevent missing of your customer calls

You must be receiving many calls on a routine basis inquiring about your service, asking questions about your product, planning to make a purchase, or for support. These calls are too important to be left unattended, the probability of which is high in the absence of a good call handling process. With the automatic routing of calls, equal call distribution can be assured, and chances of call not being attended by an agent would be drastically reduced.

call routing solution for business.

Reduce manual effort in handling calls

We believe that every business should implement a smart call routing strategy to best benefit their frontline executives as well as the team. An advanced call routing solution will enable your team to handle any call volume, without compromising in their routine work efficiency or customer satisfaction. No manual intervention would be required, and calls would automatically be routed to the best person/department available.

call routing solution

Features of Call routing solution

call routing solution

IVR message

Your callers will be greeted with a professional and customized voice message to give them an enhanced experience.

best call routing solution

Time-based routing

Call routing will be done to specific mobile numbers at different point of time which will be specified by you.

best call routing solution

Location-based routing

With this routing option, calls will be automatically routed to the branch nearest to your caller’s location.

call routing solution

Input-based routing

As your caller will select the keypad option in the IVR menu, call will be simply routed to the mapped number.

best call routing solution

Sticky Agent

Calls will be routed to the same executive with whom the caller connected before to assure a personalized service.

call routing solution

Simultaneous routing

Your call will ring to all your executives simultaneously ensuring minimal chances of missing calls.

MyOperator as the best call routing solution provider

Committed customer support

MyOperator promises to provide you with effective and continuous customer support round the clock. Be it any kind of issue, like setting up call routing or any other basic query, our dedicated team will reach out to you at the earliest. All you need is to raise your issue by submitting a ticket on our support portal, call us on 92129 92129 or drop us an email on

call routing solution for business.

Strong & secure cloud-based servers

We have unbreakable security measures and use safety barriers like Amazon web service, amazon web virtual cloud, 128-bit SSL security, Site lock malware scanner to ensure full safety of your key data. Losing out on your customer calls is natural in bad climatic conditions, but not in the case of MyOperator as our strong caching system enable our servers to run even on offline mode.

best call routing solution

12,000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

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Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience.


This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly bought productivity improvement of the HR team and allowed them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is call routing?
Call routing solution refers to the setup or a process of sending incoming IVR calls coming to a specific set of mobile numbers, based on pre-defined criteria.
Call routing can be done in any defined process you choose as per your business or team availability. It could be time-based routing, location-based routing, input-based routing, parallel distribution and so on.
There are thousands of Call routing solution providers in the market, but MyOperator outstands everyone with our secure and advanced solution. We provide complete and easily accessible support regarding our services along with the best possible pricing.
The cost of call routing software depends on your business requirements and call volume, you can check our detailed pricing here.
You can connect with us on 9212992129 or leave an email on You can also sign up for a free trial here and we’ll arrange a callback for you.