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Call management system Lotus Herbals

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Lotus Herbals has been in the industry for more than 20 years and currently is a widely known international cosmetics brand. The company has a range of more than 400 products, with its multiple stores located across the globe. Headquartered in New Delhi, Herbals successfully exports its cosmetic products in more than 16 countries.

Their challenges

Lotus Herbals markets their customer care number on different online and offline platforms, therefore, have a huge volume of calls. Prior to MyOperator, they had traditional calling system implemented as their mode of business communication. Owing to its limitations, they were missing a significant number of customer calls.

Above that, they had no data of their missed calls to ensure a follow-up call on them. Due to the absence of automation, their calls were manually transferred from one agent to another, decreasing both the employee productivity and customer experience. Herein, they felt an imperative need for a solution which would automate and simplify their customer call handling.

Call management system Lotus Herbals challenges
Call management system Lotus Herbals success

Their success

As a resolution to their challenges, MyOperator provided them with a full-fledged call management system inclusive of features like:

  • Virtual phone number for their multiple departments and agents.
  • IVR to ensure faster on-call resolution and eliminate manual transferring of calls.
  • Real-time updated call reports with assured call recording and tracking.

Together this solution brought them notable benefits like reduced missed calls, timely follow-up on missed numbers (if any), and proper tracking of their business calls. Simply put, they witnessed.

  • 54% increase in their customer calls.
  • 58% increase in their on-call deals/closures.

An efficient, professional and seamless service. Earlier it was difficult to follow up on our missed customer calls. Now we don't face any such issue & customer complaints have been reduced which is quite an accomplishment in our business.

Lotus Herbals

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