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7 Shark Tank Memes Small Business Owners Should Swear By for Good

7 Shark Tank Memes Small Business Owners Should Swear By for Good
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Shark Tank India gave us a lot! Investments, entertainment, knowledge, and most of all some iconic dialogues. Ashneer Grover taught us how to cut to the chase without complicating things. Namita Thapar clearly showed how not to go beyond one’s expertise and make smart decisions. Anupam Mittal was the epitome of calmness, civilness, and smartness. Aman Gupta left no stone unturned to entertain us and Vineeta Singh showcased to us how she was able to make her brand successful by taking calculated moves. 

Let’s see some of the famous shark tank memes that every small business should swear by if they want to grow in the long run. 

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Namita Thapar made her mark in the shark tank by making careful investments and her politeness towards all the entrepreneurs. 

Whenever you want to start a business or try your best to keep it afloat there will be many who will say give it up and find yourself a job (Ashneer Grover’s favorite dialogue- “bhai tu naukri dhundh”). While some others will say- “why go through the stress of establishing a business and going through such extreme ups and downs. All you have to say is “Yahi toh maza hai” and move on. 

The key learning from this shark tank memes is to keep doing what you love. Keep enjoying the hills and valleys because eventually, you will reach your ultimate goal. 

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Ashneer Grover was that pill in Shark Tank India, which is hard to swallow and harder to digest, but equally necessary. He gave good lessons to some entrepreneurs and thrashed others. He wasn’t the most gentle one there but he was the most honest one. Best of all? He left us with so many iconic dialogues! 

I am sure you will relate to it. There is always that one customer who will never fail to complain about your product but also keeps coming back to you only. You need to ponder why!? If they do not like your product then why do they keep coming back for it? Well, it is because they want some discount or services from you in lieu of the apparent problem with your product. If you’ll look closely then you’ll find out their trick and also that they love your product! 

So next time when you see this customer you know which Ashneer Grover Dialogue you have to use on them. 

Shark Tank Memes- MyOperator

Window shopping is really fun. We all have done it at least once. But it is not fun when you’re the one selling products. People come, have a look at the products, probably try them too, and then leave. DUH! 

As business owners, everyone wants to sell as much as they can, so they put a great deal of effort into every client. I am certain you give your best pitch too while showcasing your product. So next time if you see a client window shopping and killing your hopes, be straightforward and ask them “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu”

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There is no doubt about the fact that every single customer is valuable. But those who come back to your business frequently need to be appreciated wholeheartedly. 

So next time a customer comes for a repeated purchase make sure you tell them “Tum kamaal ke bande ho yaar”

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Being a business owner has its pros and cons. Pros being – doing what you like and cons being- handling people who judge you for doing it. But why deal with the negativity when you can send it back to where it’s coming from? 

Every single person who tries to put you down just tell them what Vineeta Śingh said in Shark Tank India to her fellow sharks when they tried to steal her deal. 

Some customers are indecisive and need time to contemplate before buying a product. While they think you tend to become eager and restless. Also, we all hate to wait! 

So the next time when a customer wants time to think, make sure you tell them they are getting an amazing deal and they shouldn’t waste much time pondering over it! 

Shark Tank Memes- MyOperator

Anupam Mittal made sure that he made his point without sugarcoating it and yet keeping it polite. That’s exactly what you have to do as well with those customers who are trying to thug you by getting free products. 

There are customers who will tell you that they like your product and would still ask for it for free. Like?? Well if you ever come across any such customer you know what you have to say to make them rethink what they’re asking for. 

Shark Tank Memes- MyOperator

Valuable lessons that you can learn from Shark Tank India:

  • Success is driven by passion. 
  • You need to be clear about what you want to do with your business, how you will grow it, and be practical while planning. 
  • DO NOT LET ANYONE PULL YOU DOWN! You have to be motivated on your own, no one else would do that for you. 
  • Stay focused on your goal and work towards it consistently. 
  • Do not look down upon failures, they are your biggest lessons.
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