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19 best sales podcasts every sales guy must follow in 2024

MyOperator / Blog / 19 best sales podcasts every sales guy must follow in 2024

Who prefers to watch a long digressive video after a hectic day at the office just to learn new sales techniques? You can’t even stand this thought, no?

Fortunately, there is an easier way to learn new sales techniques without taking time out of your day: Sales podcasts.

Just pop in your earphones and hit the play button. 

And there you go! Learn from leading sales leaders and professionals while taking a walk in the park, commuting, working out, or doing anything on the go. Podcasts don’t need you to sit at a place and listen to it and that’s the biggest advantage of this digital audio channel.

In recent years, podcasts have grown exponentially. Every other person enjoys listening to podcasts as a potential entertainment alternative to visual media. What is the one best thing about podcasts? Though there are many! 

Podcasts are portable. You don’t need to completely sink your toes to get an understanding of the content. You can listen to it on the way, anytime you prefer. Even when you are spending time with your family. If you’re in sales, you’ll agree with me that you don’t have enough time to sit and watch an informational video, while you have to take care of other regular chores at the same time. 

Whether you are a newbie to sales or an expert, there is something for everyone when it comes to sales podcasts. It is a fantastic way to learn from some of the world’s most intelligent thought leaders and keep up with current methods. But since there are great leaders and several great sales podcasts, how do you know which one to listen to?

We have accumulated some great and best sales podcasts just for you! So let’s just dive in and know what are the best sales podcasts that you must follow to kickstart your sales journey with a fresh new perspective:

Best sales podcasts: Curated by MyOperator

Best sales podcasts every sales guy must follow - MyOperator
Best sales podcasts every sales guy must follow – MyOperator

The Tim Ferriss Show with Tim Ferriss

Have you heard about Tim Ferriss and his popular show – ‘The Tim Ferriss Show‘? He is well known for his business and his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek. You may also recognize him as the host of Apple podcasts’ finest business show. In any event, you’ll probably appreciate Ferriss’ frequent thoughts on business, sales, and life philosophy, replete with celebrity and entrepreneurial guests to assist him to flesh out these discussions.

Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows

Every Monday, JBarrows Sales Training’s CEO and Founder, John Barrows records the popular podcast, Make It Happen Mondays, live on Facebook. The podcast covers everything from personal branding to career guidance to the nitty-gritty of everyday selling. Its episodes offer a diverse cast of guests and B2B sales themes. Barrow’s presentations are jam-packed with practical sales advice and stories, half of which are based on his personal experiences.

B2B Growth with James Carbary & Jonathan Green

In the B2B Growth podcast organized by Sweet Fish, B2B marketing specialists James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview various company executives on a range of subjects, including B2B lead generation methods, buyer personas, and everything in between. There are hundreds of episodes to choose from their archive and you can listen to a new podcast every day.

Sales Pipeline Radio with Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz is the host of this great show – Sales Pipeline Radio. It brings together the best minds in B2B sales and marketing to share secrets for increasing sales pipeline volume, velocity, and conversion in any sector. Matt Heinz covers the whole sales funnel, including demand creation, lead management, sales effectiveness, technology, and more, all with the goal of assisting you in finding, managing, and winning more business. 

Conversations with Women in Sales with Lori Richardson

Hosted by Lori Richardson, Conversations with Women in Sales is committed to being the finest resource for female sales professionals in the world. Each episode showcases women in sales jobs who are achieving incredible things in businesses all around the world. 

Leadership, career management, overcoming adversity, sales and marketing alignment, B2B sales, strategic alliances, social media, and a variety of other subjects are all covered. 

The Ziglar Show with Kevin Miller & Tom Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is known as the world’s greatest motivational speaker, and in The Ziglar Show podcast, hosts Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar carry on their tradition by introducing listeners to today’s top world influencers and analyzing what propelled them from “Zero to Hero.”

Unfortunately, Zig Ziglar, the legendary sales expert, passed away in 2012, but his son, Tom Ziglar, is carrying on his legacy on The Ziglar Show. 

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Sales Enablement Podcast is an excellent show for anyone looking to improve their sales performance. Andy Paul, the podcast’s host, has experience of more than three decades. So this is the podcast if you’re looking for highly educational and insightful listening. He interviews other great salespeople and leaders to learn about sales automation, the latest research, personal growth, and how to utilize email successfully, among other topics. 

The Alignment Podcast with Jeff Davis 

Are you having trouble getting your sales and marketing teams to work together? Then The Alignment Podcast is the sales podcast you should be listening to. There you can listen to Jeff Davis to learn how your teams can collaborate to increase income. If you are a B2B executive then you will surely gonna like this conversation-based podcast.

Sales Gravy with Jeb Blount

Sales Gravy podcast is hosted by Jeb Blount who is an author, speaker, and sales guru and serves you a substantial helping of quick-tip guidance. Although some of his episodes may run up to an hour, many of them are only 5-10 minutes long, making them ideal for sales representatives looking for quick tips on objections, negotiating techniques, and other similar topics. Blount generally produces a few podcasts every month, although new episodes might be irregular.

Stay Paid with Luke Acree & Josh Stike

Stay Paid is a production of ReminderMedia that provides listeners with concrete sales and marketing tips that can help them enjoy a life of independence, but only if they take action now. Luke Acree and Josh Strike, the hosts, speak with top producers in areas such as real estate, finance, and insurance. 

This podcast has covered topics like cold calling and door knocking, digital marketing and social media marketing and strategies, and starting a profitable business from the bottom up. Each episode attempts to give listeners with actionable measures they can take to develop their own companies.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Making Sense, a wonderful podcast presented by neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris is not primarily dedicated to the art of selling. In this podcast, Harris interviews experts and discusses a variety of topics, including philosophy, psychology, and politics. Though often contentious, Harris may help you see the world through a more objective lens and harness the power of mindfulness to improve your own talents.


You know the importance of the term “sales” and how much an onerous job it is. But this sales podcast, SALES with ASLAN, makes it all lighthearted and entertaining to discuss it. They aim to assist businesses in bridging the gap in the sales force execution. To do this, they concentrate on the enhancement of sales and service organizations through the creation and delivery of competence and skill development programs and procedures.

This audio series digs into great beers to dispel worries in the hearts and minds of individuals who sell for a living as well as those who assist those who sell for a livelihood. 

Authentic Persuasion Show with Jason Cutter

Hosted by Jason Cutter, Authentic Persuasion Show has only one motive: To help you be more productive in your sales profession or as a sales manager.

With this revised podcast based on his book, “Selling with Authentic Persuasion,” Jason Cutter offers over 20 years of sales and leadership expertise. 

Sales Secrets with Brandon Bornancin

Brandon Bornancin is the founder & CEO of Seamless.AI and a serial salesperson. On his sales podcast Sales Secrets, Brandon interviews the world’s top business experts not once but twice a week. He has interviewed Kevin Harrington, Jordan Belfort, Ryan Serhant, Bob Burg, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino, and many more to uncover actionable strategies, tips & tricks, and insights that you can use to increase revenue and accelerate your business.

If you’re looking to gain insider secrets from the world’s best sales, business, and entrepreneurs, then you’ll find Sales Secrets to be one of the best sales podcasts out there.

The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Hosted by Jordan Harbinger, The Art of Charm podcast is great for honing your soft skills required in sales. From Shaq to Tony Hawk, and many more, you’ll hear from thought leaders in a number of disciplines as they share their experiences on this show. The Art of Charm delves into the interconnectedness of psychology, behavioral economics, and sociology and applies them to your personal and professional life.

Freakonomics Radio with Stephen J. Dubner

Stephen J. Dubner, one of the co-authors behind the landmark work Freakonomics, conducts Freakonomics Radio, a public radio program that covers socio-economic issues for a wide audience. In this show, you’ll learn about the intricacies of human decision-making, the weird ebb and flow of economics, and esoteric ideas on a wide range of business and socio-economic subjects. 

The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling with Brian Burns

Don’t get intimidated by the title! The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling is a podcast about B2B sales and how to improve your sales game, regardless of where you are in your sales career. You’ll discover all about the “Maverick” selling approach and what great salespeople do differently than their rivals over the course of more than 650 sessions. 

The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey & Bryan Neale

The Advanced Selling Podcast is hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale. This show focuses on tactical advice and tactics that you can utilize right away. Caskey and Neale talk about lead creation one week and conveying value or addressing pricing objections the next. 

You can get even more out of this podcast by installing the app, which allows you to access extra content and ask questions directly from the hosts. Listeners may also join the Linkedin group to network with other sales professionals and exchange tips.

Next best sales podcast?

You tell us! 

Yup! We know before jumping on to this article for exploring new sales podcasts, you might have one or two sales podcasts already in your podcast library! Would you mind sharing those with us and all our readers?

Feel free to jump to the comments section and let us know your favorite sales podcast. 

How can you drive sales effectiveness with the help of a sales podcast

Do you know you can use a sales podcast to drive your sales effectiveness? 

Yes, you heard it right. By reinforcing some key concepts that you have learned through sales podcasts and by driving best practices for your team, you can drive your sales effectively.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use them:

Reinforce key concepts

There are certain key ideas that your salespeople must understand in order for your team to be more productive and successful. Podcasts are an excellent tool for your team to reinforce key topics. Listening to 10 minutes of subject matter experts offer their insights and best practices around these subjects, whether it’s successful discovery or trap-setting questions, might be exactly the reinforcement your salespeople need to execute.

Make use of their experience to share success stories

Use the podcasts to honor members of your team who excelled in executing the concepts. Perhaps you were on a call this week with a team member who did an excellent job performing successful discovery. Share some podcasts with your team to provide them with more suggestions to use in their future sales interactions. As they say “success leads to success,” by using these tips and tricks you can climb the ladder of success.

Add your perspective

Everyone has their own perspective, so do you. As a sales manager or executive, you have your own sales expertise, which may provide important insights into essential sales execution principles. Send the link to a podcast that covers a topic you want your employees to listen to along with a brief email that gives your own take on the current state of affairs in your organization.

It’s time to tune into your favorite sales podcast

You don’t need to subscribe to all of the sales podcasts mentioned above. Instead, choose 3-8 that cover diverse topics or themes, and have different guest speakers. Concentrate on those, follow the advice of the hosts and their guests, take down notes, and you’ll see your dream business and sales abilities going full steam ahead.

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