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MyOperator’s Remarketing helps in repeat purchases from business calls

MyOperator Remarketing helps in repeat purchases from business calls
MyOperator / Blog / MyOperator’s Remarketing helps in repeat purchases from business calls

According to data, 70% of your business comes from your existing customers. They are a major source of revenue generation for your business everyday. So, save them!

Remarketing is a very good way of improving your churn rate. It reminds the customers that they need your service and encourages them to subscribe for it. Remarketing helps you to inform your customers that you are the best in the market for providing the services you provide. Moreover, it educates the customers about your services.

It seldom happens that the visitors buy your product in the very first website visit. Therefore, remarketing is required to get them back to your online store. It is a way to reach back to those customers who once showed interest in your product. There are cookies which are placed on the visitor’s browser which help a digital marketer to target and reach back to them through display ads or emails.

But did you know your business calls can also be optimized in your remarketing strategies?

I’m sure you must be getting a lot of business calls. Some may be existing customer calls and others may be potential customers who call for business enquiries. It is very important for every business to engage with the various types of callers to generate maximum revenue.

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MyOperator helps you remarket to your customers through the data of the number of calls you receive. The callers’ data gets registered in the form of a subscription list which can later be used for the purpose of SMS remarketing and Facebook remarketing.

With MyOperator, you can connect with your callers in the following ways:

SMS Remarketing

Remember, those promotional messages you received from Dominos every Wednesday with the promo code? Have you ever thought of why Dominos sent them? This is the ‘Remarketing’ strategy of Dominos to target those people who once visited them.

MyOperator’s SMS remarketing helps you reconnect with your callers through SMSes in a similar way. When the  customers call your business, they automatically get subscribed to your subscription list based on their call attributes. You can then send SMSes to any of these subscription lists. You can even send separate SMSes to different sets of callers.

For example: Promotional SMSes can be sent to callers who abandoned your product after calling your business for enquiry. SMSes regarding product releases and updates can be sent to the existing customers for keeping them engaged with your product. MyOperator also gives you reports of the number of people who received your SMS and the recipients who called you back. Thus, helping you analyze the success of your SMS remarketing campaigns.

SMS remarketing is a very good way of remarketing because many customers find SMS to be less annoying than outbound promotional IVR calls. According to a survey, 85% of the people find SMS text messaging more convenient than voicemails. SMSes are any day better than verbal communications because SMSes stay with the customers for a longer time whereas the telephonic conversations might be forgotten by the customers.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing allows you to display ads to your callers on facebook. The callers’ data is tracked and all the callers become a part of the subscription list. The MyOperator’s subscription lists are converted into your facebook audience through MyOperator-Facebook integration. It helps you to display customized campaigns to your callers. The callers can be targeted on the basis of their interests. With MyOperator’s call tracking and call recording, you get an idea of the customers’ pain points with the help of which you can target your customers through ads addressing their pain points.

5% increase in customer retention can increase your profit margin up to 95%.

Are you ready to increase your profit margins up to 95% with MyOperator’s Remarketing?

If not, you need to think again!

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