Of Cloud Telephony and Profits in e-commerce industry

Of Cloud Telephony and Profits in e-commerce industry
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E-commerce business is one place where most of the customers are acquired and maintained, without actually meeting their vendor in person. In such cases, every interaction counts in ensuring smooth customer experience.

This industry where the likes of Flikpart and Snapdeal have secured massive rounds of funds, small e-retailers often have to struggle for the money and cost optimization is a bigger concern. Investments like team and infrastructure are mandatory to scale up, but technology is one space that allows saving huge capital. With so many technology start-ups in the market, based on robust concepts, it is pretty logical to shed the extra cost.

One such prospering area is telephony.

-You will have a number for customers to reach out to you. You will need to manage it.

– You are virtual. So you will have to attend to every call you receive. Missing on calls is not an option.

-You are online. So customers can reach out to you, even when you are not working.

Though things like setting up an IVR, mapping different departments over a central number or getting a toll free number for customer support may sound easy, but these seemingly basic and essential things are time consuming and pretty costly if approached in a traditional way.

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This is where we proudly pitch-in our product, MyOperator to a rescue.

For instance,

Aurik Jewels, a Delhi based online retailer which sells jewellery online wanted to setup an IVR service The thought was:

1. To play a welcome message for callers in order to portray a professional brand image,

2. A central toll free number for communicating with customers and

3. Call routing facility for connecting customers with various departments.

Sounds simple?  No, it was not! Actually for activating the above mentioned processes, Aurik Jewels would have had to purchase hardware equipment called, EPBAX which costs somewhere between 50 thousand to 1 lakh INR. Then they would pay a fee for the software on which IVR is played. Once that is done, another monthly rental cost of 10 to 15 thousand INR would be required for PRI setup and then the recurring maintenance cost and of course a long waiting time at the operator’s door to get things done (from a week to couple of months is normal).

Now an online retailer whose main motive is to optimize the cost in every possible way and invest in areas which needs essential requirement, this kind of expenditure is like spending a king’s fortune.

With MyOperator we have made things simple: Pay a monthly cost of 3,000 INR, go out for a movie, come back and wow you have a live central number (virtual or toll free), an IVR with a welcome message, various departments mapped to the central number!

And there is more: A dashboard with call management features that no operator can offer is icing on the cake. Means no hardware required (hence no setup cost), no large monthly rentals, almost zero waiting time, out of class service, real time support, easy integration and features goes on.

Aurik Jewels is a proud customer of MyOperator.

Here’s another case:

The newly launched shopping website of “Indian Railways” i.e. shop,irctc.co.in,   was launched in partnership with another large Indian etailer, Yebhi.com. The guys at IRCTC shop wanted to deploy a toll free number which connects consumers with their customer support instantaneously. Understanding the necessity of a dedicated communication channel, the company began researching how to get toll free number to streamline customer support and enhance accessibility for users.

So it was important to get a TF (Toll free) number as soon as possible. Executives from the portal (IRCTC) had already reached out to telcos and operators for the service and were waiting to hear the response. In short, it was taking lot of time at every step, be it verification of application or validation of hardware or setup of PRI.

The very same executives got in touch with VoiceTree and the young and energetic team at VoiceTree delivered the “Toll Free” number in short span of two hours of notification. Now that is what I call service quality and real time response. Since it’s inception, IRCTC’s shopping portal is using the same number which was provided by VoiceTree.

So if you are looking for deploying various technological solutions, look around, I am sure you will find help which will fit in your budget and comfort level. Also do give MyOperator a try and ensure that every customer who calls you, understands your brand value and gets a seamless service!

Of Cloud Telephony and Profits in e-commerce industry

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