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Number Masking Solution: For the Arising Need of a Secured Business Communication

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To begin with, it’s a highly competitive business environment that we all are working in. We all are aware of the atrocities of a ruthless business climate and so, each day is our constant and never-ending struggle to win. Amongst several other factors that businesses focus on, one key area that tends to get overlooked is the customer service they provide.

We might forget now but we should realize how imperative rock-solid customer service is. 

The teachings on the ‘customer always being right’ is an old school. Today, it’s about treating your customers as an everlasting priority and not just as a possible source to extract money. 

And, you show importance to your customers by truly going out of your way for them and adding enormous amounts of value to the equation. You cover and upgrade those aspects of customer interaction which they might not even notice today. 

The key is simple, give them what they haven’t even thought to ask for.

Coming to customer service, well, modern CRM solutions have made it much easier for businesses to take their customer service game two levels up, but now, it’s time to do a different spin.

You have covered the “modern” communication attributes, does it include the confidentiality element?

Yes. While dealing with consumers, one of the most important parts of the transaction is confidentiality. Not every time this will be in a clause to sign on but its an obvious and untold requisite.

The entire thing about customer privacy is not just about keeping their history confidential but it also delves into keeping their personal data secured. And, this protection of the customer begins right from the first interaction, which in most cases, happens over the calls.

Your first ‘hello’ to the customer should not only be professional but also convey your strong set of business principles. And, this comes by guaranteeing your customers that they are dealing with a reliable and trust-worthy business. 

Therefore, add a strong layer of protection to your customer interaction with Number Masking. 

What is Number Masking?

Number masking is an advanced feature that connects two parties on the call without disclosing their personal phone numbers. In the case of businesses, the caller dials the ‘masked’ number and the receiver also gets the call displaying a masked number. The number solution hence acts a secured bridge to connect the caller and the receiver ensuring their complete privacy. The masked number is provided to the caller and the forwarding of call takes place through a server. 

The solution, not only prevents the exchange of personal numbers but also provides complete recording, tracking and reporting of the on-call conversations. It is hence, a cloud-based technology facilitating secured and direct on-call communication between two parties and empowering businesses to ensure complete supervision of the same. 

Number masking solution is a product of cloud telephony and call center software that functions without any physical hardware installation. All backend work is done on the company servers while all your business requires is a panel login ID and Password. The pricing of the services is based on the pay-as-per-use concept and ensures zero overhead for your company. 

What challenges does Number Masking address?

Businesses can’t survive with short-term goals and need to look at the long-term implications of their actions or quality of service they offer. I mean, treat your customers poorly, and you can almost be sure that you’ll roll into problems at one point or another. And those problems can oftentimes lead to the grim and untimely death of your business. 

Number masking solution prevents these exact probable scenarios by connecting the customer and business executive without revealing their personal numbers. Still not convinced? Read the following challenges that Number Masking can resolve:

1. Exposure of customer data

While providing your customer’s personal phone number to your business executive or a third party vendor, you are keeping their security at stake. One can never be certain of that number not being further shared or misused by the agent in place. 

2. Off-platform transactions

There can always be a possibility that your executive might convince the customer to contact them for future services at an extra discount. In fact, this can even be initiated by the customer to get extra services done at a lesser amount. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose your future orders to your business executive. 

3. Instances of customer harassment

News on customers being harassed by company agents, cab driver, deliver boys have become quite mundane these days. Where companies can’t really control these actions beforehand but can surely take steps to eliminate chances of such happenings. 

4. Future legal issues

Well, needless to say, irresponsibility with customer data and not abiding with their confidentiality will invite legal issues, along with poor brand reputation and lost clients. 

5. False updates by executives

Absence of customer or refusal to accept the order, should a business really believe on these reasons just by the updates given by the executive? Well, a smart business shouldn’t. And, there’s no better way to confirm it than hearing the recording of the customer conversation. 

What are the benefits of Number Masking?

While qualitative customer service is the prime reason, there are ample of other benefits too that Number Masking endows the business. As a matter of fact, they are crucial for all such businesses who believe in a long-term vision and would want to check all the boxes of superlative customer service:

Supervise on-call customer interactions

By facilitating proper tracking and recording of your customer conversations, number masking solution empowers your business to supervise your customer interactions, analyze the pattern and leverage key changes as and when required.

Ensure a safeguarded business communication 

By enabling your business to abide by the privacy concerns of your customer, number masking takes your company name closer to being a predominant business which respects and cares for the protection of its customers. 

Verify the service updates by executives

Instead of blindly relying on the executive’s words, with number masking solution in place, you get entitled to check thoroughly all the updates given by your executive regarding their order/service. 

Prevent unaccounted business transactions

By keeping their personal numbers confidential, any chances of future unaccounted interaction between the customer and executive are eliminated. It significantly puts an end to probable chances of your executive providing unauthorized services to your customers. 

How does Number Masking work?

1. executive is assigned to the customer

While a customer places an order, a specific executive is allotted for the completion of the same. The executive’s ‘masked’ number is provided to the customer for further communication related to the order, and the customer’s ‘masked’ number is provided to the executive as well. 

2. Customer connects with the executive

Customers and executives can connect with each other by clicking on the ‘call’ button displayed on the mobile app/website. Or, in some cases, the masked number is also shared through a text message sent to the executive as well as the customer. 

3. Information will be exchanged through servers

As the call is initiated, the company (call masking provider) server receives the information of the caller and passes the same to your business server via API. Your server, in return, gives the information of the respective executive to which the call should be forwarded. This entire process of exchange of information doesn’t take more than 2 seconds and the call is forwarded to the executive. 

4. Communication will be safely done

As the call is received by the executive, both the parties can easily communicate, without revealing either of their personal phone numbers. The entire conversation will be simultaneously tracked and recorded for supervision and security purpose

Which business industries use Number Masking Solutions?

Number masking for the Logistics sector

Companies providing logistics service needs to connect the consumer with the delivery agent. These delivery agents could be their business agents or from third-party companies, in either case, consumers don’t feel comfortable having their phone number shared with strangers.

Therefore, to abide by these privacy concerns, logistics service providers use toll free number masking to safeguard these short-lived communications between the consumer and delivery agent. Also, with assured tracking and recording of the conversation, the number masking solution prevents agents from giving false updates related to the delivery. 

Number masking for Cab Aggregators

Businesses providing cab facilities to people have risen to be very popular amongst people today. Many people call for cabs to travel within and across the cities. Here, the responsibility to ensure the safety of the consumer lies in the company. And, along with everything else, preventing the exchange of personal numbers of rider and driver is indeed crucial.

Riders simply connect with their allocated driver by calling on the masked number from the mobile app and can know the current status of the location, without disclosing their personal number. The same process is followed by the drivers when they have to call the rider, hence, assured security of both parties. 

Number masking for Whitegoods industry

In today’s digital world, provision of services and products are no longer restricted to offline stores but have entered the online domain as well. Assistance related to the products delivered or service from the technicians can be called online. Herein, the technician needs to visit the customer’s place and again, the company needs to safeguard the communication between both parties.

An advanced solution like number masking not only assures their privacy but also, eliminates the chances of unauthorized transactions between them. Neither the customer nor the technician can then provide services which the company is unaware of. 

Number masking for e-commerce business

E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most demanded and used services in the modern world. Every day thousands of orders are delivered in different cities and therefore, e-commerce businesses have to hire different delivery agents to complete the order. With a number masking solution, a masked number is sent to the agent as well as the customer for further communication.

It facilitates businesses to confirm the protection as well as complete surveillance on the communication between them, thus, checking the responsibilities of the supreme customer service.  

Number masking solution for business across industries

Which is the best Number Masking service provider in India?

Well, after such an extension discussion about number masking, I’m sure you’d be intrigued to implement the same for your customer communication too. After all, which business would want to let go of an important aspect to advance their customer service.

Now, it’s hard to help customers when your technology won’t let you. This is why your number masking solution has to be the best of the lot. The core attributes should include all the required features (additional too), complete assistance and of course business credibility.

And, encompassing it all and more, here’s presenting MyOperator, the leading IVR service provider, with our number masking solution. It is a cloud-based telephony solution built with advanced functionalities and layered with secure technicalities far above the industry standards. Here are a few more reasons why MyOperator stands as the best Number Masking service provider in India:

1. Assured geo-redundant network implying that your number masking solution is backed by servers from different geographical regions to assure no call drops for your business.

2. Failover support at all levels by our 15+ data centres spread across the country to guarantee the uninterrupted working of the provided number masking services. 

3. 99.9% uptime on your calls owing to our PRIs supported by multiple telecom operators to facilitate that your services are operative irrespective of any downtime due to any uncalled reasons.

4. Seamless API/CRM integration to facilitate smooth connection as per your business requirements and ensure absolute ease for your teams. 

5. Complete operational & technical support will be provided by our dedicated in-house professionals who will be available for your assistance at all times of the day. 

How can I get a Number Masking solution for my business?

You can get your number masking solution from MyOperator, a leading cloud call center solution provider. For your inquiry related to number masking or to take a demo of the services, you may leave your details here, and our concerned person will connect with you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you may connect with us on 92129 92129 or

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