Customer Tracking in Real Estate Business

Customer Tracking in Real Estate Business
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Customer Concern

KVD was looking at the ratio of their advertising spend to the business it generated. The conversion rate for KVD had not been satisfactory. The realized that the problem was, the initial number of interested customers, calling them for enquiry was lesser than the market potential. They were looking at ways to entice customers into enquiring with them.

MyOperator Toll-Free Intervention

KV Developer took MyOperator Toll Free number to encourage Customers to call them. They have established an image that their Customers are so important that they don’t mind paying for their calls. This has worked in their favour. The customers calling for gathering information have increased substantially. Also, the calls on toll-free have proved to have more potential in converting into a final deal. If you’re wondering how to get toll free number like KV Developer did, consider exploring services like MyOperator for your business communication needs.

Total Call Distribution For KV Developer:

KV Developer

Here is a brief understanding of the Chart:

  • While they missed 45% of the calls, they called them back and made customers out of them!
  • They attach a ‘Comment’ on all connected calls, to keep track of the progress.
  • The voicemails are accessible from the same page. Clients are called back using ‘ClickOCall’, from the web panel itself.

Cost Effectiveness of Toll-Free Number:

The Free minutes offered with MyOperator Toll-Free customer care number are generally sufficient to cover over 90% of the call requirements. For KVD, the calling cost has thus, been somewhere around Rs.1000.

The total cost of acquiring 10% more high paying customers through Toll-Free has come to about Rs.4000.

KV Developer is happy with the results and looking at further engagement with our other products as well!

About KV Developer

KV Developers (KVD) envisions creating high-end city projects offering unmatched lifestyles in NCR based on futuristic & innovative designs. Besides strong business affiliations with ISO 9001:2008 certification, the environment-conscious KVD is a member of key industry bodies such as CREDAI, NAREDCO, BAI, ASSOCHAM & CII.

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