From marketing RoI analysis to superior customer service: Virtual numbers do it all

From marketing RoI analysis to superior customer service Virtual numbers do it all
MyOperator / Blog / From marketing RoI analysis to superior customer service: Virtual numbers do it all

Virtual numbers are popular among thousands of businesses, majorly SMEs. The idea of using these numbers is to make sure that your business is high on opportunities and low on missed ones.

A Virtual phone number is a cloud-based number (appearing like an ordinary mobile or indian toll free number) that is not linked with any direct telephone line. Rather, it allows mapping multiple numbers that are configurable to receive calls. These numbers are trackable in nature and help in detecting the call analytics of your business. Thus, Virtual numbers are an asset to manage your business calls.

But wait! Before I iterate on its benefits, let me tell how you can use a virtual number for your business.

As a display number

You can use a single virtual number as your business’ only contact number. As soon as you start popularizing your business through ads or any other medium, your business phone number is the first contact point. This can be a virtual number.

A virtual number can either be a normal mobile number or a toll-free number which allows you to map various other numbers at the backend. In effect to this, only one number is displayed across all the marketing channels that handle all your business calls.

For calculating RoI of campaigns

You would spend a considerable portion of your funds on marketing strategies intended towards customer engagement. Since, a virtual number is trackable and helps you give reports of your calls; you can track the RoI of your marketing channels.

Suppose, you have invested in three marketing channels, say an outdoor display ad, an online promotion, and a newspaper classified and shared 3 different virtual numbers for each. Now all the calls you receive on these numbers will be tracked when you extend your virtual numbers to call call-tracking system.

This in turn will provide you with daily call reports for each campaign and further help you analyze which channel worked the best for your business.

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For creating subscription lists

On basis of the tracked calls that you received (driven from the marketing campaigns), you can create subscription lists of the callers based on their attributes. These lists can later be targeted through remarketing to ensure more business. In this way, virtual numbers open a way out to engage your existing callers and improve on revenue.

For a positive customer experience

After you have made an attempt to reach them, there are events when the customers try to reach you. Whenever customers try reaching your business, they get compelled unintentionally when your business answers their calls and react to their queries at one go. A stated fact says, 78% of consumers don’t make an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.

Virtual numbers directs the call to agents that are available to receive calls. With multiple numbers associated to every single virtual number, it manages to drop chances of call waiting, call on hold, or missed calls.

Also, when calls on your virtual numbers remain unattended because of holidays or post working hours, the caller’s message is recorded when extended to a voicemail system. Additionally, all these features leave no room for missed opportunities.

A Virtual number is an asset to an organization when used intelligently.

MyOperator an IVR service provider offers virtual phone numbers for businesses like yours with a cloud-based call center software system. It helps you track, record and receive daily reports of your calls.

Get one for your business now.

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