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Businesses today are moving beyond the boundaries and are aiming to imprint a global footprint for their brand. The target audience of the businesses is located in different continents and are no more confined to a particular geography.

However, is selling business beyond the borders that easy?

Yes, one can definitely sell without a hitch. But what’s difficult is to get that initial consumer traction.

It takes substantial effort to build an international presence and drive those valuable customer calls. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to go beyond brand marketing to achieve this. Marketing is certainly one of the significant contributors, but what next?

Businesses need to establish a way for potential customers to contact them easily. They need to take a step ahead to get their phone ringing with more international prospects.

Here is when I suggest having local ‘virtual’ phone numbers, each specific to all countries of your business operations.

Why only a virtual phone number?

You might think to simply have a mobile number of all countries for your business. Well, a regular mobile/landline number will have its own limitations [no mobility to attend calls, manual transfer, one call at a time, and so on].

This is when a ‘virtual’ phone number gains an upper hand.

A virtual number will help the business take multiple calls simultaneously. Calls are routed to the agents’ phone numbers, bringing mobility in attending calls and eliminating the need to stick to their office desk round-the-clock. Also, the IVR system on the number will facilitate callers to connect themselves (basis their input in the telephonic menu) with their concerned department.

Sounds beneficial, right? But, this is not just it. Have a look at the bigger picture ahead:

1. Local business presence is indispensable

Once businesses start scaling, they try to establish their presence across the globe to expand their customer base. Most businesses consider opening up an office abroad as the only way to achieve global presence. However, the costs of doing so can be highly prohibitive.  

Agreed? But, here’s a good news. Irrespective of whether you have an office abroad or not, establishing global presence has become easier than ever before.

International virtual number is the key. It can be used to create a point of contact in markets where your business may not have a physical location.

A distinguished address along with a contact number for the specific country under your business’ contact information would be a plus point for your most prospects. It would ensure easy accessibility, hence, increase their trust and credibility in the business.

Also, dealing with customers from different time zones acts as another obstacle.

Agents therefore have to stay in the office round-the-clock to attend calls. As the virtual number route calls to the agents’ phone number directly, it facilitates them to attend calls anywhere, anytime without missing on their international leads.

2. Cost barrier is unavoidable

It’s always a good idea to eliminate any such reason which could obstruct your probable customers to get in touch with you. Needless to mention, cost is one of them.

For instance, a prospect from the US would prefer dealing with a business which has a US phone number, rather than with a business which has only an Indian contact number. [Considering of course both the cost and the business credibility.]

International virtual number, on the other hand would allow your prospects to call you at the local rates and not incur international calling charges.

They will gladly call at the phone number you’ve assigned for their country. Also, your agents would simply attend the calls from your office without undergoing any changing in their location.

This would also facilitate your team to attend all customer calls through one mobile itself rather than struggling with multiple phone numbers of different countries.

3. Not all tollfree numbers are universal

Most tollfree numbers are cost-free only for the people of that specific country. When a call from abroad is placed on a toll free number of a different country, both the caller and the business bear the calling charges.

This outrightly ends the reason why businesses had a toll free number in the first place.

This is why, most businesses block incoming calls from abroad on their toll free number. Later, as might be expected, only a few of those international callers try to contact that business through some other mode. Naturally, this drastically impacts a business’ reputation as well as their leads.

Certainly you wouldn’t want this for your business. This is why country-specific business numbers are undeniable.

A separate toll free number for each country will facilitate your international callers to connect with your business easily and cost-free. Additionally, this would even establish a bigger brand reputation. If you’re wondering how to get a 1800 toll-free number, there are various service providers available to assist you in obtaining one

To sum it up, bringing a business to the international market is not a small feat. A lot more essentials contribute in achieving the desired global footprint. An easily accessible local phone number is one of them. It would serve as a helping hand to align your business on the path to global success.

Ready to take an international virtual number for your business? Pick your geography here:

United Kingdom (UK) United States of America (USA)
Canada Australia
Singapore United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Italy New Zealand

Didn’t find your country on the list? Call us at +91 92129 92129 and we’ll provide you your country’s virtual number.

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