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Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent is a feature that enables connectivity to the same calling agent when a caller follows up. The basic importance of a sticky agent is to provide a hassle-free customer service experience to the caller. When a customer gets connected to an agent for the first time, he or she has already relayed their concerns to the agent to which they are looking for a quick resolution. When they call again at the same customer care number, sticky agent ensures the call is connected to the same agent who is already aware of their concerns. 

Now sticky agents can be categorized into two: 

– Basic sticky agent: Basic or strictly bind sticky agent initiates calls only to an assigned user who has already interacted with the same customer before. In case the agent fails to attend the call, it gets disconnected. 

– Advance sticky agent: In the case of advance sticky agent or a loosely bind sticky agent, the customer calls could be transferred to another agent if the assigned agent is not able to attend the call. 

How to add a sticky agent? With MyOperator, you can easily add customized sticky agents based on your requirements. Here’s how you can set it up with just a few taps.

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