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Offered Calls

Offered calls are the calls or attempts made by callers to reach an executive at a call center. In case the call center in question uses Automatic Call Distribution, offered calls are the attempts made by a caller which reach the ACD. The calls which do not reach the ACD are not regarded as offered calls. Offered calls can terminate at different stages and for different reasons such as call getting answered, caller hanging up, call being placed in a queue or the caller getting a busy signal. Irrespective of what happens with a call, if it was able to reach the call center or its ACD then it falls under the definition of an offered call.

As mentioned above, sometimes offered calls can get a busy tone from the call center’s end. This not only frustrates the caller but also reduces the customer satisfaction levels of the call center.In order to avoid such situations, call centers can utilize a cloud call center solution, which incorporates advanced call management systems and IVR to handle their incoming business calls. A system like MyOperator can help the call centers as well as small businesses to catch hold of every call or at least maintain a record of all the missed calls.

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