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Longest Delay to Abandon

Longest delay to abandon is an important metric used by call centers to evaluate after what time people are hanging up the call they make to the call center after waiting for the call center agent to pick up the call. Put simply, the longest delay to abandon is the maximum time people will wait for a call center executive to answer their call and resolve their queries before they choose to hang up. In the ideal scenario, the longest delay to abandon should not be very high as that will mean that people are waiting for long durations before their calls are getting answered by the call center agent.

Call centers deploy various measures to keep the waiting time low for the callers. One way to do so is to employ more call center agents and increase the workforce as more people can answer more calls. Another way to reduce waiting time is to use a call management system and IVR system that routes the calls to the call center agents who are available to attend the call. One more way of doing it is to use delay announcements to inform the callers about their position in the queue or when their call will be answered.

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