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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is one of the most used systems at call centers and businesses of every size who want to automate their call management process. As the name suggests, interactive voice response is a system that allows businesses to set personalized greetings on their business numbers as well as enables them to route their business calls to the desired recipient within the organization based on the numerical or vocal input given by the caller. In today’s time, IVR systems are used by all major corporations and if you want to experience them just call on the customer care number of your telecom service provider or bank. The voice that greets you will be of an IVR system and you’ll get to interact with it by pressing the digits on the number pad to select the desired option.

Earlier, Interactive voice response systems were exclusive to big businesses but today company’s like MyOperator an IVR service provider using cloud computing at the fraction of the cost of the older physical systems. Cloud-based IVR systems like that of MyOperator require less than a few minutes to set up and are completely customizable. Moreover, buying an interactive voice response system is possible online now.

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