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Handled Calls

Handled calls is a term used at call centers to stipulate the number of inbound calls answered or handled by a call center agent without being blocked or abandoned by the agent or the system. It is one the important metrics used at a call center to evaluate the performance of a call center agent as it points directly towards their efficiency and ability to handle calls assigned to them. Call handling data is collected for both inbound and outbound calls so that the concerned manager can get an estimate of the performance of the call center and its agents.

The higher number of handled calls a call center agent has, the more efficient and better they are considered in a call center. That’s basically because at the end of the day, call center agents have just one primary task i.e. to attend calls and if they are failing to do so then they are not performing up to the mark. The number of calls which are not handled are ideally missed business opportunities for the call center. By having a cloud call center solution in place, call centers can grab those missed calls also by either taking them to voice mails or transferring them to an available agent.

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